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AMZScout Review – The Extension Tool For Product Research

Amzscout helps an individual to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon. The user can get instant access to full sales data. Fifty thousand plus sellers already joined.  Follow AMZScout Review for complete information.

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There are 8 Amazon market places. Overall 2,00,00,000 plus products are in the database. This company offers 100% money back guarantee. It is Amazon sellers who provide their services all around the world.

Why AMZScout?

It is an extension tool which works in 10 different countries such as Canada, USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, India including Mexico. It’s an extension which saves you a lot of money with time.  

Features of Amzscout

  • You can export the data in an excel table whenever you need.
  • The quality of product listing can be analyzed by LQS value.
  • You can be able to obtain information on how other products were rated in a blink of an eye.
  • Know about the historical data of price by rank changing.
  • By using Profit calculator, You can calculate the total estimated income just within a few clicks.
  • You can get sales ranks which have relevant information.
  • Just fulfillment the details by getting access to FBA fees.
  • Keep an eye of view trends which analyze google trends on every product.
  • Individuals can instantly check there estimated revenue by obtaining data.
  • Sales estimates are just one -click away.

AMZScout Review

Web App

By using this web app, You don’t need to waste time on collecting data from different sources which you needed. Get the sales statistics within a span of an eye blink. If you want to stay in this competitive field. One should have to know about the rivals.  Their web application is designed in a way that they can be able to track on your competitors, list of products, Revenues, Inventory, and Prices. You have to maintain tracks sales history that causes seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Features of Web App

  • You can get estimated sales within just one-click by analyzing the niche.
  • You can check the total estimated revenue by obtaining more data.
  • By adding competitors products to the product tracker, You can check their daily sales.
  • The keyword explorer helps to choose the best ones who can increase your sales.
  • After fulfillment the details, You can get all the data on FBA fees.
  • You have to view the trends by analyzing google trends while you are researching.
  • There will be relevant information on best sellers ranks.
  • The profit calculator can estimate income.
  • Get access to the full history of every product.
  • You can get data about the potentials suppliers in a click.

Sales Estimator

They have collected all data on average sales very carefully.  A user can pick the different category like Appliances, Arts, Crafts & Sewing, Automotive, Baby, Beauty & Personal care, Books, Camera & Phone, Cell phones & Accessories, Clothing, shoes, Jewelry, Computers, Electronics, Grocery & Gourmet Food, Health & Household, Home and Garden, Industrial scientific and many more.

What is Amazon FBA Calculator?

Amazon is a company which offers there own FBA Revenue calculator. It may consist of names, Amazon fee calculator, Amazon profit calculator including the FBA revenue calculator. It is abroad platform where these tools help you to find amazon fees. Amzscout’s FBA calculator is effective. It even works as a chrome extension. You have to follow some of the essential aspects while using these calculators. If you understand the potential size & weight of an item, then it can manually calculate FBA fees. Not every product looks similar. They have specific dimensions which change the measurements.

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Amazon To Ebay Price Comparator

The amazon smart shoppers will checks for best prices on eBay when a user shops at Amazon. It can save a lot of money while you shop at Amazon. They can show you a small notification for the better price of that particular product on eBay. It also works with Amazon pages and Amasaving works.  


Amzscout is a fantastic extension tool for your google chrome. Here, You can find Amazon product which makes $3000 per month. Many individuals simply love this extension. It is more affordable than the relevant extensions. There are 4 types of free tools such as Sales estimator, FBA fee calculator, Amazon Inventory spy and Amazon to eBay price comparator. For the pro plan, You have to pay $44.99/month, $149 per year and $399 for a Lifetime plan.