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Angelus Direct Review | One-Stop-Shop For Sneakers & Leather Accessories

Angelus Direct provides quality sneakers accessories as well as the best leather care products. Angelus Direct is dedicated to providing customers with information as the primary objective that helps in completing any project they come up with. All you need to do is bring up the questions and answers are provided. Can have full information from this Angelus Direct Review.

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The website is mostly sneaker based but that should not make you shy away from asking for any services. Angelus Direct also deals with leather care products ranging from dyes to paint brushes. Such can be used for any leather product such as leather couches and even wallets.

Introducing Angelus Direct

Angelus Direct is unique and has amazing customer services which are well enhanced by open communication on the Live Chat as well as speedy replies via the e-mails. You can submit your inquiries to the customer care representatives via [email protected] or click the button at the bottom right of your screen.

Why is Angelus Direct the best?

Even though Angelus Direct is relatively a small company, it is generally busy. The shipping company has order packers who work hard to ensure all the orders are well taken care of.  There are major improvements now and then to make sure you get fast and efficient services.

Other than purchasing for the website, Angelus Direct features sponsored artists from various parts of the world who use social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube to showcase their shoe designing skills. From their profiles, you can learn more about how to DIY or seek their services. Angelus Direct is about promoting one another.

You can also make money from Angelus Direct through the affiliate program.  When you refer people using your link given after creating an affiliate an account, you will get a commission after the refereed customers make a purchase. It is one way of showing gratitude for bringing more clients to the site.

Angelus Direct Review says that it offers free shipping for products over $75 in the U.S only. Registered wholesalers should follow ENTER WHOLESALE GATEWAY to get their wholesale gateway.  It is simple to become a vendor of Direct Angelus products. All you need is to have a physical brick and mortal store-front which is a must. Also, you will be required to submit a wholesale application which should be appropriately filled for review.

 Angelus Direct Products

From Angelus Direct Review, we got to know that products deal with sneakers accessories as well as leather care products. The wide range of products includes:

Paint which has various sub-categories namely:

  • The standard paint
  • Pearlescent paint which produces a brilliant shine that shifts and changes in the light.
  • Metallic paint
  • Neon paint
  • Collector edition paint
  • Glitterlites paint which eliminates the chances of having the mess created by glue.


  • Angelus leather dye which does not wash off, peel or crack
  • Angelus suede dye which is an industrial strength dye and comes with great vibrant colors.


  • Flat laces
  • Flat reflective laces
  • Rope races
  • Multi-color rope races
  • Rope races-3M reflective
  • Roshe/future races
  • XI laces
  • Boot Laces
  • Thin oval laces
  • Aglets
  • Luxury leather laces
  • SB/Foamposite laces

Accessories such as:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Airbrush
  • Apparel
  • Cleaners and conditioners for cleaning and protecting your sneakers, belts, boots etc.

Paint additives

  • 2-thin-thinning paint for airbrush application
  • Duller-finisher to bring out a flat look
  • 2-hard-harder plastic areas. It helps in scuff and adhesion protection
  • 2-soft-making paint soft and launderable for canvas, cloth or other soft materials.
  • Acrylic finisher which protects the paint from scrapes and scratches. It ranges from normal to matte, satin and high gloss. Shoe polish.

Angelus Direct Free Gifts

The policy of spending more to get more is vivid here. The gifts are offered depending on specific amounts.  The free gifts are switched every month, therefore, the need to regularly check back on what is on offer.  The gifts are automatically added to the cart during checkout.

  • Spend $35 and above and get a free Random Angelus Sticker
  • Spend $50 and above and get a free Sticker and Angelus Lanyard
  • Spend $75 or more and get a Sticker, Lanyard, and Angelus Drawstring Bag
  • Spend $100 and above and receive a Sticker, Lanyard, Drawstring Bag, & Angelus Beach Ball

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How long does shipping take with Angelus Direct?

This is a complicated question that pops up often. The shipping time depends on three factors namely; shipping method, your location and if or not you will be using the Rush processing.  Transit time is directly affected by the chosen shipping method. Below is a list of estimated transit times which does not include the processing time of 1-3 days:

  • FedEx Ground -2-7 Business Days
  • USPS Priority -1-3 Business Days
  • USPS First-Class -2-5 Business Days within the U.S.
  • USPS Express -1-2 Business Days Guaranteed
  • SPS First-Class International -10-35 Business Days
  • FedEx Standard Overnight -1 Business Day Guaranteed. It does not include weekend deliveries
  • FedEx 2-Day -2 Business Days Guaranteed. It does not include weekend deliveries

When it comes to the location, it can take longer to deliver the products if you are further in the East. Angelus Direct is located in Southern California enabling the near customer to receive their packages within a short time. You can also choose to use the Rush processing option that allows your package to leave the warehouse the same day as long as the order is placed before 1 PM PST. It helps to cut the shipping time down 1-3 days.


Provision of information to aid in the completion of any project is vital for the clients. The Angelus Direct Review is all about, besides providing high quality and world best leather care products and sneaker accessories. Shipping is also provided to your locality as well as free gifts that come with your packages.