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Appeagle Review – The Best Automated Repricer On Amazon

Grab the opportunity and get discounted prices using the Appeagle promo code. Appeagle is the former name of the now Informed.co. It is a competitive repricing company that helps online business derive profits through the use of actionable insights and smart algorithms. The company comprises of a passionate and positive team who are dedicated to creating seller and repricing analytics software. It is an effective and easy way to grow an online business. Burn Appeagle Promo Code instead of your money. 

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The company has repricing tools for the sellers who love using hands-on support and a simplified set-up. The automate prices changes through the use of analytics and proven strategies for new opportunities. One can make use of the automation power to reach the set objectives as well as boost revenue and have ample time in the business management.

The company makes works easier for the sellers through simplifying a process that enables them to keep a tab on their manual price changes as well as the growth they are making.

Why Appeagle is The Best

It has a fast setup that allows easy market synching of the costs and markets. One is able to set a suitable margin cost and derive the cost revenue from there. The company has designed industry leading logarithms that will help the sellers optimize the price of their private labeling as well as win them the buy box battle. Choose your plan with Appeagle promo code and have a free trial.

Appeagle Discount Coupon

The company gives the sellers an opportunity to narrow down their competition using backorder statement, handling time, seller rating, and fulfillment method among other things. Using the smart algorithms and actionable insight, the company helps the sellers streamline their workflow thus saving time. It is also a leeway to spot new growth opportunities.  To have more plans then start with Appeagle promo code and have the special discount.

The company uses a fulfillment method to compete against the FBA in a different manner. The seller rating allows pricing the listings above competitors and the handling time element allows matching the price of the seller’s competition. The back ordered status helps to seize the opportunity of raising the prices when the competitors are out of stock thus bringing in more profits.

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Appeagle Pricing

Basic Plan

It goes for $100 per month. When one uses the annual billing, they get to save $200. It comes with:

  • Standard support
  • Up to 250 listings
  • Amazon and eBay marketplace
  • Pre-configured strategies
  • Continues repricing

Premium Plan

It goes for $150 per month. One can save $300 with the annual billing. It comes with:

  • Continuous repricing
  • Amazon and eBay marketplace
  • Support on a priority basis
  • Algorithmic and custom strategies
  • Up to 5000 listings

Enterprise Plan

It goes for $200 per month but one can save $400 with the annual billing. It comes with:

  • 10000 listings
  • Continuous repricing
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited marketplaces
  • Algorithmic and custom straggles
  • Sale velocity algorithm for the private labels


Appeagle is a company that holds a good reputation in the industry having a decade of data sale as well as they get the buy box pre-built algorithm.  It offers the seller a great opportunity to explore new opportunities and, make the best of it through smart algorithms and actionable insights.