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Aurum Brothers Review 2018 | Excellent Craftsmanship And Class

Enjoy greatness with a well-crafted collection for both men and women. The company was founded by Max, Leandra, and Scott. It is aimed at providing the customers with luxurious wrist-wear which comes with comfort, style, and class. The mission o the company is to revisit and revive the ancient techniques used to craft, the ancient stories the stones used as well as materials. Check Aurum Brothers Coupons for 2018 to save more money.

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Introducing Aurum Brothers

The Aurum Brothers bring about greatness as the tales of those who got greatness levels used these stones that helped them leave a legendary footprint in the world. Aurum Brothers solely use ancient metals and stones that have been in use for jewelry over a thousand years.

Aurum Brothers

Why Aurum Brothers are the best

Aurum brothers use superior and highly skilled craftsmanship to produce quality products. Viewing the products will attest to the use of great time and passion while creating it.

The Aurum brothers’ pieces cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They are very special and valuable pieces that you won’t find them in every store. Use Aurum Brothers Coupons instead of your money.

Each piece of jewelry has a story behind it. These are stories of the great individuals who won the materials before and the stories revolve around the origin of the stones and how they came into being.

Male Collection

These are luxury beaded bracelets which are expertly designed with a combination of high-end materials.

Core collection

  • Black Mixed
  • Sodalite
  • Tiger Eye
  • Obsidian
  • Hematite
  • Matte Obsidian

Mixed Bracelets

  • Black Mixed
  • Mixed Canum
  • Mixed Tres
  • Mixed Quattuor
  • Mixed Aeris
  • Mixed Sexto

Limited Edition

  • Tridacna
  • Tiger Iron
  • Matte Apatite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Howlite
  • Black Sunstone
  • Matte Sodalite


The packs come in a combined minimum of three bracelets that are chosen by the in-house expert stylist. The pack is an excellent combination of synergy and style between the stones. Save more on Bracelets with Aurum Brothers Coupons.

  • Wu Xing Packs
  • Mountain Peak
  • Autumn End

The Varnos Collection

This collection celebrates excellent craftsmanship, ancient fine materials as well as meanings which are handmade by the company’s craft master and his skilled team.

  • Varnos Black Spinel Roman
  • Varnos Black Spinel
  • Varnos Aquamarine Roman

Women’s collection

Rhea collection

  • Rhea Silver Sodalite
  • Rhea Silver Matte Apatite
  • Rhea Silver Rhodonite
  • Rhea Silver Sunstone
  • Rhea Silver Obsidian
  • Rhea Silver Malachite
  • Rhea Silver Hematite
  • Rhea Silver Amazonite

Gaia collection

  • Gaia Silver Hematite
  • Gaia Silver Malachite
  • Gaia Silver Sunstone
  • Gaia Silver Amazonite
  • Gaia Silver Rhodonite
  • Gaia Silver Obsidian
  • Gaia Silver Matte Apatite
  • Gaia Silver Sodalite

Varnos collection

  • Varnos Black Spinel Roman
  • Varnos Black Spinel
  • Varnos Aquamarine Roman


Aurum Brothers go way ahead to bring you the finest bracelets made from ancient materials and have a story behind every stone used. Such is not available anywhere as the pieces are of great quality and value. They depict class, style and comfort and are affordable too.