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Bikini Luxe Review 2018 | Designer Bikni Sets & Swimwear for Young Women

The company was founded in 2014 by Candice Galek. The inspiration came from the need to give back to the community as well as her travels. She felt there was a need for high-quality swimwear which should be offered at competitive prices.  She hoped to do more than luxury swimwear. She decided to do a combination of fashion and philanthropy and that was beginning of Bikini Luxe.

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The company has expanded and is now venturing all around the globe. Having achieved some major milestones throughout the journey since 2014, the company has featured in Elite daily, Forbes, Huffington post, cosmopolitan, fashionista, shape, glamour, BBC among others.

Why Bikini Luxe is The Best

The company feature designer brands from all over the globe. The amazing thing in common is the desire to extend some good deeds to the community and beyond. The company gives you an excellent option of making socially conscious choices through the provision of high-quality products at an affordable price.

The company cares about the environment and thus produces products in an effective and efficient way that does not harm the environment.  The company provides you with brands which have versatile, trendy and affordable clothing and swimwear. While you’re paying the bill before that you guys can check Bikini Luxe Promo Codes & Discount Codes to grab the discount.

Bikini Luxe Coupons

The company does not support those brands and companies who trash and degrade the environment using fashion because that is not the core value of the company.  It scrutinizes on the materials used and the working conditions of the factories before dealing with the brands. As much as people want to enjoy through the swimwear and clothing, it is also vital to take care of the same environment we are using. On Swimwear shopping with Bikini Luxe Coupons, you can get more rebate.

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How Bikini Luxe Makes a Difference in The World

  1. Taking part in tree planting activities especially the endangered tree species
  2. Taking part in rescuing of the hurt and abandoned dogs in Bali
  3. Hiring over 700singlemothers in Columbia as artisans
  4. Sending donations and funding to ocean conservation
  5. Using materials that can be recycled especially for packaging
  6. Teaching teenage girls coding
  7. Employing women who are homeless and empowering them as well
  8. Sending donations to cancer awareness and awareness centers
  9. Creating fabrics using recycled fishing nets


  • Swimwear ranging from bikini tops to bikini bottoms among others
  • Clothing such as dresses, rompers among others
  • Men’s swimwear
  • Accessories such as jewelry, bags among others


It is vital to ensure you are using products that come from companies that care about you and the environment. Bikini Luxe is one amazing company that provides high-quality products at reasonable prices and at the same time taking part in environmental conservation matters. The products are available for men and women as well as accessories.