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Blenders Eyewear Review – The Best Store For Sunglasses

Blenders Eyewear is a company founded on fun, priced for the party and designed for adventure. The company owns around 80% of the sunglasses in the global market. It levels up the kind of shades that are rare to find and ensures the high quality beats other products in the market. Spin the wheel and get a chance to enjoy Blenders Eyewear coupon and other amazing offers. Also, enjoy free shipping for goods over $40. 

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The company is based in San Diego where the sun is always shining and hot. Here, you always need a pair of sunglasses every day. Before the company hit the market, there were a few types of shades that unfairly dominated the industry. At that time, comfortable, affordable, fresh and vibrant sunglasses were not in existence. Now get ready to have 30% discount on sunglasses with Blenders Eyewear coupon.

The shades you wear should say tell a story. They can either describe you or depict a general perception about you. The life we live holds various dimensions thus we need shades that fit our desired lifestyles. The company was founded on passion and thus the provision of high quality and radiant designs for your shades. The shades have a stripe signature on them which interprets to ‘life in forwarding motion’. It is a signature founded by the company to remind their users to get out of the comfort zone and chase that which sparks their life. Now every product in the store is valid with Blenders Eyewear coupon to have the special discount.

Blenders Eyewear Products

All the sunglasses provided by blenders eyewear are fresh, comfortable and vibrant. The products range from:

  • Women’s sunglasses
  • New arrivals
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Snow googler
  • Accessories such as pouches and gift cards.

Blenders Eyewear discount

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Becoming a Retailer

Blenders Eyewear is always on the lookout for new retailers who want to join the company. The retails go beyond and are located all over the world. If you feel like the company’s sunglasses are suitable for your store, then you can become a retailer. To help them grow together, you can fill the retailer form provided on the site and become part of the family.

Blenders Eyewear Affiliate Program

The company provides you with an opportunity to earn extra income without, much sweat. Yi is able to get $20 for every person you invite. It happens after you share your referral link with your friends, family or social media platform followers. After any of the people who use your link makes a purchase of over %50, you get a commission of $20. Your friends also get their $20. Subscribe now to have Blenders Eyewear coupon, discount & promo code notifications to apply on your product.

The Return Policy

The company gives you 45 days to return the sunglasses and the only thing you will be liable for is the shipping. There are no hidden fees or restocking fees with blenders eyewear. All you need to do is to apply for the return of the order by selecting the item and get the refund confirmation and then ship the products back to the company. Once the order gets to the headquarters, you get a full credit refund


Blenders Eyewear offers high-quality sin glasses at an affordable price and free shipping for all the good over $40.