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Blue Bottle Love Review | Brings Holistic Balance To Improve Your Health

How does the blue color make you feel? Most of the people have believed that specific colors can evoke different moods and Feelings. Recently according to the researchers, they have concluded that colors can show some psychological effects. As many of us knew and knew that blue color is in nature. In day to day life, we see this color right up our heads. Whether it is a pale blue sky or else a deep pool of water. In this Blue Bottle Love Review, we have mentioned what is the specialty of this. 

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The founder of blue bottle love is “Kayden Radhe”. She is the one who dedicated to sharing eco-friendly beauty with high vibration frequency. Her favorite things are flowing and growing. Bluebottle’s love mission is to spread the healing vibrations of Love, Peace, Harmony, and Gratitude. Water is an essential source in our life. It is in each cell of your own body, including our DNA, is held together with water. Each time when you fill up your bottle with water, initially you are just adding another drop of healing love and compassion.

What’s Unique about Blue Bottle Love Review?

Mostly, every creature is surrounded by beauty. We all were bathed in the deep blue color of cobalt glass with 99% of the water. Always water must be held in a beautiful container. You should remember that water was here on this planet since before we were. The deep blue color water brings water back to the zero points. By carrying the water in a blue glass water bottle, you are officially honoring your water. 

If you place your water-filled blue bottle in the sunlight for 30-60 minutes then, it helps to amplify and accelerate this rejuvenating cleaning process. If you are allowing water into your body then, unfortunately, you are going to invite the frequencies of truth, Communication, and Pure, authentic self-expression. 

Why Choosing Italian Blue Glass?

Italian blue glass comes with gorgeous blue glass bottles from Italy. You will be immediately fell in love with their exceptional quality, Unique shapes, and Cobalt blue glass. When you touch this glass, you can immediately feel the shape and sizes. We know that Italians are well known for their taste in design. Their bottles represent the talents beautifully. 


  • Blue Glass Water Bottles.
  • Slings N Things.
  • Water Filter & Structuring Devices.
  • Art stickers.
  • Water Wisdom. 
  • Blue Love Home & Body. 

Pricing of Blue Bottle Love

For blue bottle love products, You need to pay $111 for a blue glass water bottle, $18 for Hemp shoulder sling, $909 for UMH live portable shower slink 3 in 1 structured water device, $3 for Art stickers, $15 for hidden messages in water and $27 for Blue love all-purpose cleaners. In this Blue Bottle Review, we have mentioned all types of bottles sold at blue bottle official site.