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BucePlant Review 2018 | One Stop Shop for All Your Aquascaping Needs

Buceplant is a company with a primary objective of providing quality Bucephalandra and other rare plants to the aquatic lovers. It is a company that is determined to spread the love for the planted tanks.  Providing the highest Buceplant is made of a team with acquascaping hobbies and has their dedication towards providing the highest quality and rare aquatic plants. Enjoy 15% discount and reasonable prices using Buceplant Coupon.  

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The vision was born with a discovery of the beauty of Bucephalandra. The teams’ fascination turned into an obsession and during their research and various encounters, they realized there was a lack of the Buce source.  The available ones in the market had their leaves tiny and plagued by algae. Also, the prices were inflated. With the determination of bringing quality stock resulted in creating BucePlant. Before going to payment page check BucePlant Coupons & Promo Code to grab the discount.

BucePlant is now a premium Bucephalandra provider. They are located in Southern California.

Insights on Bucephalandra

It is a genus flowering plant that is grown on fast-moving rivers and streams. There are of different types and a rare kind in the US aquarium trade even though they are popular and have a high demand. Their appearance is the same as Anubias as the leaves grow out of rhizomes. The leaves can be attached on a hard surface using line or glue. The care is given to Anubis and other rare plants is a similar hat that if this plant. The rhizomes with a few roots and leaves can be cut and set on rocks or wood for new growth.BucePlant Coupons

The plant is a slow grower. However, it has the ability to do well in low tech tanks and under the high light as well. They are versatile and easy to take care of making it a most sought plant or tanks, ponds, paladariums, and terrariums. It is vital to note that some keepers may see melting leaves when they introduce the plant to a new environ. The great thing is that it doesn’t lose all the leaves. The rhizomes, however, remain intact and the plant bounces back to new and better growth. They will send BucePlant Discount Codes & Coupon Codes daily to your e-mail.

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Earning Points with Buceplant

Buceplant enables you to earn points which can be redeemed for a price.

  • 500 points for referring a friend
  • 200 points for creating an account with buceplant
  • 150 points for liking Buceplant facebook account
  • 5 points per $1 purchase

Redeeming the Points

  • 500 points for $5 off per order
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  • 2500 points for $25 off per order


Buceplant has plant is a company that values the quality of the rare plants especially Bucephalandra. It purposes to provide high quality and premium plant even with the scarcity of the rare plants in the US aquarium trade. Bringing in the high-quality stick as resulted in reasonable prices for the rare plants. Also, the company offers discounts by redeeming points collected through various activities as stated above.