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CastleWare Review – The Best Sleeper Bags & Cotton Pajama Sets

The company was founded by Maureen and Timothy Smithey in 2008. The primary objective of the company created an organic wear sleep in the USA that would make the kids will live there comfortable and fit. The company grew as a result of the values held by the founders. They had an approach to design products that depicted simplicity and utility and have beautiful fabrics with rich colors perfectly blended. All is this is to focus on making a child sleep better. Grab the chance and enjoy a 15% discount using the CastleWare coupon. 

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The company focuses on fabrics that are of premium quality and safe for the skin. It does through combining functionality and comfort. The created garments are long-lasting and can be passed down on to the younger siblings.

CastleWare has maintained their vision since its launching and manufactures high quality and eco-friendly sleepwear for the kids. The products are up to size 6. It is a company that focuses on remain relevant and continuing to create simple fine fabrics right here in the USA for the kids.

Why CastleWare is The Best

  • The company uses good fabrics that are clean, natural and breathable. It makes use of organic cotton during the production of the garments that are good and safe for the kids. The cotton is grown without harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers making the fabrics safe for the children.

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  • The products are fully created in the USA from the design to the entire process till the end. The company supports American workers, manufacturers, and distributor as they chain in the company’s hierarchy. It is an appropriate way for the founders to support their neighbors, friends, and people who help in building the products and leaving a legendary mark.
  • The company offers free shipping with the CastleWare coupon for all products that are over 100%.
  • CastleWare offers quality customer care services creating good relations with their customers as well as building a good reputation in the industry.

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CastleWare Products

  • Leeper bags-the wearable blankets is a replacement of the loose blankets. It has pure organic cotton and comes in three fabric weights. For the sleeveless or long-sleeve.
  • Leeper bags for walkers which allow them to have an excellent mobility. To have such products then must purchase with the CastleWare coupon for a special discount.
  • Footies that is one zip up piece pajama
  • Pajama sets are also valid with the CastleWare coupon, discount & promo codes to have more products.

CastleWare Baby Affiliate Program

The company gives commission to those who are interested in working with them to gain a greater audience. Using CastleWare banners and links, businesses and websites, as well as individual, can share them with their audience by promoting the organic products. In turn, you get a commission for the purchased orders through your links.


CastleWare is a company that upholds their values, vision, and objectives and continues to provide quality sleeping gear for the kids. The products are purely manufactured in the USA and fit for the kids who live there. Through the provision of high-quality products, the company gives the kids some type of comfort when walking around with the footies or when sleeping.