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DashThis Review – The Best Online Marketing Software

DashThis has become one of the top cloud-based digital marketing reporting tools for sales and marketing agencies. It is one of the dashboard solutions where professionals and individuals can organize marketing data for their PPC, SEM, and SEO campaigns.

The online market is growing immensely, and with the growth, it will be not wrong in saying that the online market will switch to online tools to make their business process run much faster. It is essential for your business to know about your competitors and how can you be on the top in the marketing field. With the tool, it will be easy for your business to boost your marketing strategy.

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Now think as an individual who is planning, strategizing, and executing, how tough it would be to do the entire task at the same time. Every online market needs a tool to survive and give fierce competition to the business. Saying this, there are many tools available online which have been trying the best to serve your business.

Well, let me tell you about one of the best tools in the industry which has become a talk of the town because of the feature and reasonable price it offers. Yes, I’m talking about DashThis, the tool which simplifies and boosts your online business without showing any errors.

What is DashThis?

DashThis is one of the marketing solutions which helps to organize marketing data of professionals and marketing agencies with SEM, PPC, and SEO campaigns. When we look at the services it offers to an online business, it is just immense. The Software is designed to keep a track on the market and get you the latest update or information with just a click.

DashThis Review

The Software collaborates with the most popular analytics tool and platform, which includes Google Analytics, ClickMeter, and Bing Ads, etc. DashThis works best when it comes to compiling all the data in one place. It will help you with the Dashboard, which will focus on how to make your online business stand out of all.  Let us see what features DashThis offers.

DashThis Feature

DashThis will give you the best customization options for your widgets where you can display data the way you want.

  • You also get a ready-made dashboard where you can choose dozens of preset dashboard templates
  • With the preset widgets, it becomes easier for you to get the data quickly.
  • DashThis is the best when it comes to creating any combination of integration you want. The Software updates the data automatically with new data.
  • The software does not require any coding or integration. All the data will be visible to you with just a click.
  • You can share the data with an unlimited number of users, so if your business is small or big, it will be easy for your business to integrate usually.
  • The Software integrates with Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Facebook to ensure you have access to the data you need.

How DashThis helps online businesses?

DashThis works best when it comes to offering seamless data and marketing plan to run the business smoothly at one place. Let me help you understand how

Single Dashboard to keep track of all the data

DashThis is one of the Software which allows you in getting Dashboard that provides all the data in one place. So, suppose you have an online business, and you’re integrating with other tools like AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram Ads. It is not possible for a human being to evaluate and get the data from every network. At times like this, DashThis help you to find data from each of the sources, and it brings it in one place to make it easier for you to do know about your business and how you are performing on other different platforms.

Act as an SEO ToolKit

As an online marketer, we need to understand that online business is booming. No matter what niche you target, you will find a competition. So, what to do? It is hard to know about what different your competitors are doing to rank on Google, but you can find it out with DashThis. Not only it has become of an effective way to get the top keywords to create SEO content, but also, it makes sure to provide the best keywords for the niche you are looking for.

Share Accordingly

One of the best thing what I loved about DashThis is sharing the data and files from the tool. With the sharing option, you can share only the necessary files with your clients or employees. For e.g., if you are into Facebook Marketing, you don’t require the AdWords or Google Analytics data, DashThis creates an hassle-free work environment by giving access only to the account you are working on.

DashThis Plans and offers

DashThis has several products which offer different features and pricing plan. Have a look.

If you are looking for an individual plan, you need to pay $39 monthly, which comes with three dashboards. The annual program will give you a massive discount and help you to give two months free.

The professional plan will charge you $129 a month and will include ten different dashboards. All the Dashboard makes sure to help you with the latest metrics and includes all the marketing platform in one place.

The Business plan will come at just $209 per month and includes 25 dashboards. You get the best feature and accessibility to manage all the marketing platforms at one place. If you look for the yearly plan, you will get two months free.

You can look for the standard plan at just $339 a month, which will come with 50 dashboards. So if you have a big firm or enterprise which is dealing with many different websites, you can always go with the Standard Plan.

The Enterprise plan will include 100 dashboards, and the price will be $499 a month. You will get the best feature, which will help your online business to run smoothly and seamlessly.

When you look at the pricing plans and compare it with the competitors, DashThis is the best amongst all. You can sign up for free and use it for the first 14 days, if you don’t like the services, or not happy with the tool, and you can look for money back guarantee.

Final Thought

When you have Software available for your marketing strategy which requires no coding or technical skills, then why to look for anything else? DashThis is one of the tools which is getting recognized for the services it offers and has won an award in rendering the best services to its clients. If you have any online business and want to execute the best way, DashThis will be the best for you.