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Disney Store Review | One Stop Site For Costumes & Jewellery

The Disney Store is the specialty store line across the globe for exclusive coverage of Disney’s items. With more than 250 retail stores, online e-commerce site and mobile app in place, it makes the shopping experience quite ‘magniferous’. Disney Store makes the Disney characters and stories alive through the merchandise including toys, electronics, and clothing for kids and adults, collectibles, movies, music and more. Use a Variety of Disney Store  Coupons 2018 to Cut Your Bill in Half.


  • Costumes and Dresses
  • Dolls, Cars and Lightsaber
  • Jewellery
  • Shirts, t-shirts and pajamas
  • Mugs, magic bands and pins

Costumes and Dresses

Avail 30% summer discount on character themed dresses and costumes

Little kids want to dress up like pirates, superheroes or maybe princesses. The Disney Store has the cutest assortment of costumes for them. From infants to toddlers, tweens and any kid in between, the Disney dress up is ideal with the Disney themed costumes.

Disney Store Coupons

No matter whether he needs a Spiderman or she loves the Jasmine or Mermaid costume, the Disney Store brings them at as low as $34.99 with 30% summer discount on all costume and dress items.

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Dolls, Cars and Lightsaber

Dolls at 40% discount

Little girls love dolls! That is why Disney Stores have them in plenty. This assorted collection includes the famous Barbie, mermaid collector editions, Disney Princess dolls and many more. Get them all with the lovable dollhouses from Disney Store at amazing 40% savings. Also check Babies R US Coupons for more baby products.

Get 30% off promotional deal on lightsaber-car combo

The Star Wars inspired lightsaber has its own attraction to little kids. Boys are fond of cars as well. Car and lightsaber combo comes in Disney Store to help out Darth Vader to crush the rebellion. With Star Wars character car and the lightsaber launcher, he can destroy his enemies now in epic battle. With variety of colours and decorations, Disney Store offers exclusive 30% off deal on online purchase. Save huge on your favorite items with our Disney Store Coupons.


Disney charms, bracelets, and romantic collection at 25% discount with coupon codes

No matter whether you are a teen or a grownup adult, Disney jewellery is there to add the magical charm to your ensemble. Present yourself more imaginative with a trendy outlook with them. With handpicked selection of Disney charms, bracelets, necklaces, frozen jewellery and the romantic collection, and amazing 25% off deal, Disney Store can be your one-stop destination. Also know how Gymboree Coupons & Shopping Guide will help you.

Shirts, T-shirts and Pajamas

Menswear: Get exciting 25% off on t-shirts and hoodies

For menswear, Disney Store brings the elegant style in its t-shirt, hoodies and jacket collection. You can flaunt the trendy look with showing off the characters you have grown up with. Disney’s Donald Duck or Marvel’s Captain America can be your adventure guide along with your style. Avail exclusive 25% savings on these items, starting from as low as $12.99. DJI Coupons  also provides the best offers on clothes. Take this great opportunity to save big with Disney store Coupons!

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Women’s: Amazing 30% off deal on t-shirt tops and pajamas

For women, the tees, raglan sleeve tops, Minnie apparel, tank tops inspired by Disney characters can be your choice with latest dapper style. And of course do not forget about the character themed unisex pjs, popular and affordable by all means. For all these starting from only $14.99, avail amazing 30% off deals only from Disney Store Coupons.

Mugs, MagicBands and Pins

30% discount on character mugs, MagicBands and pins start from $19.95 and $9.95 respectively

Disney Store brings you the variety of mugs to say hello to a new, brightened morning. With the Star Wars gang, you can join the fight or you can think about rescuing the world with the Avengers. Take them in the assembly of your favourite characters at only $16.95 with 30% summer discount. With Mickey’s or Luke Skywalker’s MagicBands, you can find the cuteness or find the rebel alliance to fight for them. Whatever be your pick, you can avail them at only $19.95. And the famous Star Wars, Disney Pixar’s inside out pins, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon whatever you wanna own, Disney’s pins can be yours at only $9.95 with a 15% off as promotional deals. This site provides information essential for availing the offers, Disney Store Coupons, deals and promo codes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does Disney Store accept PayPal?
    With PayPal accounts associated with any bank account in the US, Disney Store accept payments through those.
  2. Does Disney Store offer free shipping?
    For purchase over $75 within the US, Disney Store offers free shipping.