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Designing websites can be a menace, more so if the necessary skills are not exactly adequate. But thanks to Thesis 2 from DIYthemes, designing your site is now just a matter of minutes. As the name suggests, you can Do It Yourself, just the way you want it and that too without knowing the complex codes behind it. The limitations of traditional WordPress Theme Coupons have been overcome with Chris Pearson’s Thesis 2, since one can customize the theme to its last detail. Moreover, the ongoing offers and promotional discounts are appealing enough to make an immediate purchase of Thesis 2, also you can apply DIYThemes Coupons on checkout.


  • Boxes
  • Skins
  • Site Tools
  • Community


Add functionalities to your website

Boxes can be considered as apps in your Thesis website. Be it a login form or social sharing widgets, adding functionalities to your website couldn’t have been any easier. All you have to do is make use of the visual template editor and drag a Thesis Box that meets your requirement and drop it exactly where you want it to be, without dealing with codes. You will find a Box for almost every functionality, already built in Thesis, however, if you don’t, no need to panic since Thesis Community would be eager enough to build it for you. Some of the Boxes that are available for free to the already discounted Thesis Professional License holders are customizable MailChimp forms, Twitter button, Facebook Like button, Google +1 button, etc. And for other licenses you can always apply DIYthemes Coupons when buying. Also check Training & Tutorial Reviews for more updates about SEO and websites.


Customize your site as you like

If you have reached a certain comfort level with WordPress dashboard and you just want to incorporate customized themes to your website, Thesis 2 Skins are a perfect way to do so. What’s more awesome about Thesis 2, is that you can check out the demo skins, their font styles at DIYthemes, before you actually use it. Their easy one-click interface and color scheme picker offers you numerous customization options. You can choose to select from a variety of styles such as Classic Responsive, Flex, Pearsonified and much more, from the Skin demo page. Using Thesis 2 Skins, you no longer have to worry about coding when you edit the templates, unlike in traditional WordPress. In fact, if you make changes in the fonts, Thesis 2 is smart enough to adjust the entire layout, providing maximum readability to the visitors.

Site Tools

Rank higher in search results

The most important and probably the only objective of a site is to get viewed by maximum visitors and which in turn is possible if your site ranks high in search engines. So Thesis 2 also looks after the performance and optimization needs of the site and hence is configured in such a way that your site loads quickly since it uses the least number of resources.

Below are some tools that Thesis 2 provides to enhance your site.

Google Authorship: Surveys reveal that adding Google Authorship on your site increases clickthrough rates of search results by a great deal. So, with Thesis 2, you can implement Google Authorship just by pasting your Google+ profile link in a box. Use DIYThemes Coupons 2018 to Save On Your Expenses

Markup Schema: Popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! look for Markup Schema on your site, to improve their search results. Thesis 2 has a lightweight HTML structure that is infused with Markup Schema, thus ranking your site high up in the search results. Also check other popular themes such as Elegant Themes Coupons and CSSIgniter Review.

Site verification by Google and Bing: Listing your site in Google and Bing will ensure higher ranks in search results and you can do this by simply pasting your verification code into the fields provided by Thesis 2.

404 Page content management: We all have, at least once, seen the Error 404 with the same message like Page Not Found or File Not Found. However, with Thesis 2, we can now even modify the content of the 404 page to something catchy. This will render your site even more interesting. So, get Thesis 2 for yourself before the promotional offer ends.

Thesis Community

Get expert help instantly

As soon as you buy Thesis, you become a member of the Thesis Community, where you can have answers to all your queries from experts via emails. Save huge on your favorite products with DIYThemes Coupons.

All these and absolutely no coding required that too, at great discounts. However, if you are a hardcore developer and need to code few parts of the site, even that option is feasible. So wait no more and purchase your one-stop solution for web designing, starting from $87 only, as per their promotional discounts. You can choose from Basic, Basic Plus or Professional options according to your needs and avail the added advantage of promotional offers and DIYthemes Coupons for discounts and get yourself the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What if I want to further develop the Thesis functionality?

You can use the Thesis Developer Tools which deals with advance development of Thesis and you get it for free if you are a Thesis Professional license holder. Get the professional license at dirt cheap prices with available coupons.

    1. How can I connect to the Thesis Community?

DIYthemes offer email support from experts and also every Thesis purchase comes with access to their forum.