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DJI Review | Best Reviewed Drones By Brand & Skill Level

DJI is the other name for innovation. They empower creators around the world with innovative technologies to create masterpieces, may it be films, videos, images, memories, or anything else. Their camera stabilization and flying systems redefine motion and the methods to work with cameras. With a tagline, “The future is possible”, DJI has been pushing themselves beyond the limits to make it possible to capture even the most impossible situations and locations from the most impossible point of views. Use a Variety of DJI Coupons to Cut Your Bill in Half

With continuous research and development, DJI has implemented the most complicated technologies to build systems that are easy to use and can perform complex tasks with ease to deliver the smoothest results and the most accurate output. DJI devices have found application in a wide range of fields ranging from filmmaking, agriculture, energy infrastructure, search and rescue, and lots of other domains. Use DJI Coupons 2018 for more savings on your purchases. The filmmaking sector has seen the most useful application of the DJI systems by far and has been revolutionized after they came to the market.


  • Phantom
  • Inspire
  • Osmo
  • Ronin
  • Matrice and Guidance


10% off on your order

When you want to do an aerial filming, the best and the cheapest option that you have is a DJI Phantom drone. From Phantom 1 to Phantom 4, every Phantom device is carefully built to deliver the aerial experience that you are looking for. Every Phantom series is an upgrade from the previous one with respect to the design, smoothness, response, ease of use, efficiency, and motion control. With a Phantom in hand, it is easier for everyone to reach the sky, and with an HD camera attached to it, you can even record your experience of flying with it. Use DJI Coupons 2018 to Save On Your Expenses

The Phantom 1 is the first ready-to-fly drone by DJI that could be used for aerial filming. It had the capability to work in extreme climatic conditions, like at temperatures as low as -10°C, or as high as 50°C and had inbuilt GPS navigation for positioning itself perfectly in any set location. The controller worked wirelessly from a range of 1 km and was easy to control. Soon, it was replaced by the upgraded Phantom 2, 3 and 4 series with more advanced technologies and added features for a better filming experience. Use a Variety of DJI Coupons to Cut Your Bill in Half

Get 31% off on Phantom 3 Standard

Although DJI has discontinued a few products, a good lot of models are still there for enthusiastic filmmakers to buy and they are available with great discounts. Add promo codes to get further discounts on the prices. Among the products that are still available, the Phantom 3 Standard has been quite famous among people as it has all the basic functionalities that one may need at a price that is quite friendly to one’s wallet. The price and the user-friendly functionalities allow it to be the ideal drone for beginner-level photographers and cinematographers. Once used to with the control, you may upgrade to a Phantom 3 Advanced or Professional, whichever is preferred. There is also a 4K version that captures stunning videos at a 4K resolution for high-resolution cinematographers.  If are looking to save more on your budget then check the offers on Beauty CouponsClothing & AccessoriesFoot Wear Reviews, and Jewelry Coupons.

Phantom 3 car charger kit just for $85

The Phantom 3 models run on a 15.2 volt Intelligent Flight battery that consumes less charge and lasts longer. Charging the battery is quick and easy, as it can be charged anywhere. A car charger kit is available for purchase in the DJI store at a minimum price and can also be bagged with astonishing deals on adding promo codes while placing an order.

A Phantom 4 for $1399 with free shipping

With a few modifications here and a few upgrades there, DJI has introduced the Phantom 4 which is by far the ultimate drone of the Phantom series and is a beast according to professionals. It has better ascent and descent speeds and a longer battery life than the Phantom 3 models. It can even ascend to a greater height above sea level than its predecessors and has a 4K video support and an HDR image support. The Obstacle Sensing System is an additional feature that has been introduced in the Phantom 4, which detects obstacles like trees, poles, and houses and overcomes them seamlessly. So, overall, the DJI Phantom 4 is a beast among its family and is the best choice for professionals around the world.


Enjoy 20% discount on Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1 is by far the most advanced ready-to-fly filming drone that one has seen in the market. If you are looking for a professional level flying system and want and uncompromised performance irrespective of the price, the Inspire 1 Pro is the obvious choice. It may come to your mind that why should one buy an Inspire 1 when the Phantom 3 Professional is available at about half the price. The Inspire 1 camera is detachable and can be upgraded from the X3 version that comes inbuilt to the X5 or the X5R ones with much better quality and output. Thus, you get the camera quality of an Inspire 1 pro without actually spending for one.

Take home an Inspire 1 Pro with 13% discount

The Inspire 1 is designed to act as a beast in extreme weather conditions and to give the best possible results from it. Unlike other drones, the propeller doesn’t come in the way of the video while shooting straight videos. There are even LED lights pointed outwards to locate the drone in the dark. The larger propellers and motors powered by a powerful 6 cell Li-Po battery have the ability to withstand higher wind speeds without sacrificing the footage quality. When you are flying an Inspire, you can feel what you are doing and people around you also comes to gather trust on your work as the device feels extremely professional with its alien spaceship-like look. You get the feel of your work and gradually acquire faith on the device that it won’t let you down.

$150 off on Inspire 1 with dual remotes

The most important advantage that an Inspire has over a Phantom 3 is that it can be controlled by two controllers, one for the drone and the other for the camera. It is easier for one person to concentrate only on the flight and the other on the camera, thus, you don’t have to worry about both at a time, resulting in a better output. A great deal about shopping on DJI store is that, when you buy an Inspire 1 with dual remotes, you get a discount of $150 on the price. You can even add promos or coupon codes to avail additional discounts.


There are times when you need to rush and take a dive to capture the moment you were trying to find. The perfect instant is finally within your grasp and you’re ready to dig the chance. But your body says otherwise and every workout goes to waste at the moment’s precipice. Thus, necessity becomes the father of invention and once again brings forth its latest gift that allows everyone to take joy in the moment’s peace by letting you capture the moment you need. Osmo is a tool designed for perfection and lets you reimagine the way you collect and savor a moment. The beauty of this gadget lies within its remarkable engineering that enables you to capture videos smoothly despite any agitation. This, in turn, helps you to record videos more freely even in extreme difficulties and you will never have to worry about trembling hands again. Osmo lets you enjoy the moment’s beauty and record videos for a longer period of time. The integrated Osmo’s Zenmuse X3 camera is capable of recording life-like videos at 4K resolution and with its advanced stabilization technology canceling out all movements, you can capture videos smoothly and don’t even need a tripod. Keeping its engineering aside, the gadget itself is made for durability while retaining an ergonomic design. You can utilize your smartphone in an effective way to control the device itself.

Get 13% off on your Osmo

The greatest home of innovation, DJI is not only great at showcasing revolutionary technologies but is also great at providing incredible offers. DJI brings Osmo at your comfort and you get a 13% off on your purchase. With DJI backing you up, now capture beautiful moments and never miss your opportunity. The DJI GO app available for smartphones allows you to remotely trigger the gadget and lets you control the camera pretty easily. Apart from its main usage, the device is also very power efficient and saves up the battery to increase the working hours of the device. Additionally, you can find several accessories for the device from the online house of DJI, which helps you accessorize the gadget according to any needs. All in all, it is a modern piece of technology that reflects the incredible beauty of science.

An Osmo bike mount just for $49

Aside from DJI’s cool offer on the Osmo, you can find several other deals and discounts on numerous Osmo accessories. DJI stocks their collection with all sorts of technical needs for their remarkable gadgets. But the cool part is the offers made available by them. So go ahead and grab your deal before it comes to an end.

Free shipping on orders above $150

Shipping can be quite problematic due to several reasons and expensive products are harder to ship. Thus, an extra charge may be incurred by the courier facility. However, DJI is kind enough to forfeit the charge and provides free shipping on all orders above $150. Your products are safer in their hands. So sit back and enjoy and let DJI handle all your deliveries.


A Ronin just for $2499

The Ronin is the ultimate answer to camera stabilization. When you are shooting a video in motion, the worst fear is the shake reduction. There are a number of stabilizers in the market, but they are either expensive or partially effective. A footage with too many shakes is unusable in professional filming and thus, is needed to be discarded. This is where Ronin comes as a savior. It is both highly effective as well as reasonably priced and thus, is preferred by professional cinematographers all around the world. A Ronin can be used in action scenes or in other scenes with lots of motion where shakiness is not desired. The 3-axis automated gimbal ensures that you get the smoothest result from your Ronin and assures you of the fact that you will surely get what you paid for. The gimbal drive motors can be controlled by a Ronin Thumb Controller that works on Bluetooth. The Ronin works in 3 main modes namely underslung, upright, and briefcase mode. In the underslung mode, the camera hangs downwards from the frame. The camera stays upright in the upright mode as the name suggests. In the briefcase mode, the camera is neither hanging nor upright, but it stays balanced within the frame.

Free shipping for selected Ronin accessories

The Ronin-M is an upgrade from Ronin with a few changes in dimensions and the load capacity. The rest of the features are almost similar in both the variants. You can buy any of them according to your load requirements and can get stunning deals and discounts on adding coupons and promo codes. Both the Ronin and Ronin-M are powerful tools for professional filmmaking and are favored by cinematographers due to its significantly low angular vibration. Save Money Now – Use DJI Coupons to Save!

 The camera has a panning range of 360° and a tilt range of 165° for Ronin and 295° for Ronin-M. The camera also has a roll axis range of 25° on both sides in controlled conditions. Meanwhile, DJI introduces its high-end version of stabilizers and the newest and most advanced member of the Ronin family with the name Ronin-MX. The Ronin-MX has 2 additional working modes that are a breakthrough for a Ronin member. It can be attached to an Inspire for added stabilization, and can be used as the head gimbal for a jib or crane. Although the Ronin-MX is the most advanced member of the Ronin series, it comes at a remarkably cheap price, compared to the functionality that it provides.

Matrice and Guidance

Matrice 100 guidance connector kit just for $79

Matrice 100 is for people with dreams, for people who wants to redefine the purpose of a drone. It is a platform that allows you to live your dreams, to make them come true. This developer quadcopter can be used for any purpose you like and can be modified according to your requirements. It has all the features you need from GPS to DJI Lightbridge, a rechargeable battery, and a flight controller. You can program the copter to work as you want, teach it to follow your customized commands. This is how DJI gives you the power to create what you dream of. You have the power to design a system that works how you want it to work and contribute to the global technology scenario. The lightweight body and the customizable design gives you the freedom to exercise your customizability skills and show the world the innovations you are capable of creating. If you are looking for low price furniture then Walmart Coupons provides more offers on furniture and televisions.

Get a Matrice 100 battery for $159 only

The Matrice 100 is highly customizable due to the fact that it is built for developers. It is the place where developers show their innovative skills and DJI funds them with the wide range of accessories. Guidance is another such system built for the developers. It consists of 5 sensors and a central processor. It works on the most advanced algorithms that connect all the sensors and provide accurate positioning up to very low magnitudes. Its advanced sensing system is capable of detecting any obstacles and avoid any collision. You can get your hands on these devices if you are a developer and these won’t even cost you many bucks when you use promo codes. Just add them to your cart and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a DJI System?
You can buy the DJI system of your choice from the DJI store on their website. You can also choose the nearest stores around you to shop for your product. Add coupons and promo codes to get additional discounts.

Can I track my order?
Sure. You will be provided with a tracking link in your email once the order is dispatched. Click on the link to get details about the current location of the order, or, you may go to My Orders page and track your order. If you aren’t still sure about the method, contact the customer support and they will provide all the tracking details of your order.

Can I pay using coupons?
Definitely. Just click on the “Use coupon code” option while checking out and enter the coupon code you have. Then Click on the “Use Coupon” button to proceed.

Does DJI ship internationally?
Yes. DJI currently ships its products to 44 countries across Europe, America, and Asia Pacific. The shipping rates vary according to the country the product is being shipped to. The customs and other charges are included in the order amount and you do not need to pay any extra charges to any shipping agents further.