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Easy Whim Review – The Best Place For All Creative Enthusiasts

Easy whim is a company which brings the collection of Arts & Crafts for all creative enthusiasts. This company focus upon crafting the latest best quality products to its customers. Easy whim is so confident about the products. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is a company which provides high-quality products. Easy whim use encrypted SSL security which ensures your credit card information. To get know about arts & crafts follow Easy Whim Review.

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You can find different types of painting such as 3D diamond painting kits, Diamond painting clocks, Canvas stretchers, Spare diamonds, Paint by numbers, Latch hook, DIY 4D mechanized creation including DIY crafts. After placing the order, It takes 2-3 weeks to reach you. They also provide guarantee & Warranty remedy policy.

What is Art?

Art is an expression of your thoughts, Emotions, and desires. It is all about how you are going to express particular emotions that we experience in our daily life. There is a fundamental difference between Art and beauty. Art is about who has created it, whereas the beauty depends upon who’s looking for standards of beauty. Just take Munch, Picasso, and Schoenberg. They have merely stood against those norms. Art can create a different view of the world. It emerged around 50,000 years ago. Every art consists of sharable ideas which as extreme emotional impact.  There are important for maintaining broad standards in civilization. Every art is beyond the language. Even the communication language is not sufficient to describe its content.

What is Craft?

A craft can be defined as a profession which requires a particular Knowledge or skills. Some of the crafts especially in particular fields like Pottery, Woodworking, Agricultural work must rely upon to exchange of goods. There is a particular system which process to approach the mastery of art and crafts. It also requires specific education and learning skills. The craft was classified into types such as Studio crafts and Craft fair.

Why Easy Whim?

Easy whim company partners with global merchants and artisans. They can provide the best prices at most interesting prices. After placing the order, it can take 3-5 days to reach your nearest hub. You can even track the information after placing the order when it is shipped from the warehouses.  

A user can cancel the wrongly ordered products within 6 hours of the order placement. If there is any pending amounts or refunds. You will receive within 24-48 hours directly to your bank account. Easy whim has certain standard times. For the USA it takes 10-25 business days,10-25 days for UK, 10-25 business days for Australia & Canada. 10-30 business days for Western Europe and 10-40 business days for the rest of the world.

Easy Whim Review

5D Diamond Painting

5D diamond painting is preloaded with three types of collections like Featured collection, Themed collection and Trending collection. The various types of featured collections like Bedazzled diamonds, 3D diamond painting kits, Diamond painting clocks, festive cards, Misc DP’s, Kidz diamond painting, Multi paintings, storage solutions, Tees, mugs, and cases. These themed collections consist of abstract & mandalas, Americana, Animals and pets, butterflies, Buddha, cats & Kitties, celebrations, Chalkboard quotes, Dogs & Puppies, fantasy, festive & faith, Fantasy, festive 7 faith, Flower and Floral, Landscapes & cities, Lions & tigers and motors.

Some of the hot trending paintings such as Canvas stretchers, Celebrations, Clearance painting, Custom diamond painting, Love, space, spare diamonds, the perfect storage box and seasons. Awesome diamond painting begins with a premium canvas. Every canvas is printed by using the art of printing technology. It results in an ultra-high-resolution picture with crystal clear, easy-to-read symbols.

Paint By Numbers

Paint by numbers is classified into three types like Creative & Delightful, Our world, and Nature. This creative & delightful consists of All paints by numbers, Abstract & Mandalas, and fantasy. Our world category has festive & faith, Landscapes & cities, Motors, and Nautical. Nature includes various collection like Animals & pets, Butterflies, Cats & Kitties, Flowers & Floral, Lions & Tigers, Peacocks, Seashells, Space, The seasons and Wolves. If you probably love painting, then you will fall in love with paint by number collection.

This is one of the best you can buy for your loved ones. It comes with some specific features such as they use 100% high-quality cotton canvas, acrylic paint with 3x nylon brushes.  For painting these kinds of arts, one must have the ability to color in & Outside of the lines. You can also create your own wall art, Although if you have zero artistic talent.

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DIY Crafts

DIY crafts are divided into seven different types such as 3D smart art, Dioramas, DIY tools, Quilling, Home decor ideas, Hotfix rhinestone art, and Scratch Art. The stretcher bars are the best option to hand your diamond painting canvases. These stretch bars are cost-effective which allows displaying your framed art.  You don’t require any expensive materials, No Fancy tools, Messy glue, Carpentry skills. Just discover how easy to mount your masterpiece. All frames are available in different sizes. A user can be customized according to their required and need.


Easy whim is a place where you find fantastic Arts & Crafts. All products are manufactured with high-quality materials. They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A user can learn about Arts & Crafts by watching DIT Quilling Kits and DIY Canvas stretcher bars videos. At Easy whim, you can shop for 5D diamond paintings, Paints by numbers, Latch hook, DIY 4D mechanized creations, DIY crafts,  Hotfix Rhinestone art and many more. This company uses SSL security which encrypts your credit card information securely.