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EWWW Image Optimizer Review – Best Way To Optimize Images

EWWW image optimizer is a company which offers image optimization plugin to use upon on-site using shared hosting. Their main aim is to help the individuals who want to optimize the images on their site. This plugin consists of pre-built tools like Jpegtran, Optipng, and Gifsicle. EWWW image optimizer had finally launched their plugin on September 24, 2013. They have launched API, which allows users to share the cost of offloading image optimization towards the third-party servers.  In 2014 this company enabled API which also compresses JPEG mini and TINY PNG format too. These incredible tools were available for everyone by using API.

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Why EWWW Image?

EWWW image optimizer is a freely available optimization tool which works directly upon your web server or EWWW I.O. They use API to compress and resize your JPG, PNG, and GIF images. It is available on GitHub, and WordPress.org. This type of optimizer compresses every image size that is generated by wordpress. You have to make sure that your image can be optimized on every device. It also optimizes retina images by ensuring without losing high quality. They are compatible with W.P. offload S3, W3TC’s, CDN uploader, Azure storage, and Dreamspeed CDN.

You can optimize the active theme and Child theme. EWWW image optimizer cloud uses API to compress all files. Its created comply with the requirement of web hosts which won’t allow the exec function within the code-base. S3 image optimizer lets individuals optimize images in Amazon S3 buckets. A wordpress plugin automatically resizes massive image uploads.

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Why do You Need an API for ExactDN?

The exactDN compresses all images stored in our servers. It features our premium lossy compression. This makes your site faster without altering the images upon your server. By upgrading to exactDN subscription, you can get local pictures with 3,000 image credits each month. If you need any additional image credits, you have to purchase an API subscription bundles.

ExactDN API:

By using exactDN API, you can resize by cropping an image to exact width, Height, and pixel dimensions. Its resizing and cropping depends upon the aspect ratios for the original images. You can even add a black letter boxing effect to the images by scaling them to width, height by maintaining the aspect ratio.

Compression API:

Compression API can be accessed by HTTPs. All the API must use post method. All the date must be sent through Post variables then the API key is transmitted as an API key. You can preserve metadata in the form of Metadata, Webp image generation, and Image conversion. A user can request for additional options like filename, Metadata, Height, Width, Crop, Lossy, Compress, Convert, Jpg-fill, Quality, and Webp.


EWWW image optimizer provides solutions for many people who have been frustrated by slow images loading upon their website. This company helps to speed up your website for better engagement. EWWW image optimizer can optimize your web servers by compressing, resizing, JPG. PNG and GIF images. It is available on GitHub and WordPress.org.