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HideMyAss Review | Your Suitable VPN

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Jack Cator founded HideMyAss back in 2005. He was building a web proxy to gain access in his school firewalls and realized that a lot of people were also looking for what he had built.

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The company is now an Avast family member, a part of a trustworthy and secure company around the world. There are over 400 million users who make the network much stronger against people with ill intentions. With HideMyAss, you are guaranteed of safety.

Why HideMyAss VPN is the best

    • With HideMyAss, you are guaranteed money back within 30 days.
    • It has over a decade year of experience in the VPN world and is also part of the Avast family meaning it is secure and easy to use it.The HideMyAss experts guarantee your safety when doing your online activities. Get VPN Up to 50% off with Hidemyass Discount Code.

  • It can b used on Multi-devices as one license can run up to 5 connections.
  • It is not limited to one platform and can be used for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows app.
  • There are no restrictions for the downloads and uploads you choose.
  • The VPN is super fast and reliable to use and access the network.

Ways of ensuring your freedom and online privacy game are on top

There are three ways in which you can ensure you have the online privacy and freedom you need using one click.

Instant mode helps you to secure your internet easily and in a quick way. It is a great approach to use especially when you are on public WI-FI. redeem your Hidemyass Discount Code for more savings.

Location mod allows you to choose a different location of your appearance n the world. You can select to be in your home country while you are abroad so that you can stream and access your TV shows.

Freedom mode allows you to access internet in the counties where it is restricted. It does this by connecting you to a country where the sites are not blocked and give you a chance to easily browse without the hassle and privately.


  1. The 1-month plan goes for $11.99which is prepaid for every month.
  2. The 12-month pan is the most popular s it has a 50% off discount. It goes for $5.99 per month, accumulating to $71.88, given the discount. It is prepaid for the one year.
  3. 6 months plan gives you a 33% savings. It costs $7.94 per month and you get to pay $47.94 for the whole package which is prepaid for the 6 months.

Benefits of using HideMyAss VPN

You can appear anywhere in the world using this VPN. Streaming freedom is guaranteed and therefore can view your TV shows and kick back from home or abroad which is mostly a rare case. HideMyAss gives you that opportunity.

Most hackers target public Wi-Fi because it is an easier prey to hack.

This VPN service encrypts your connection such that there are no interceptions. Every activity to do on your online platforms and the internet is hidden and inaccessible to hackers.

Browsing privately is another advantage of this VPN. It gives you an opportunity to remain anonymous while doing your online activities. It is impossible for even your internet provider to trace you.