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Human Proof Design Review – Build Your Own Affiliate Website

Do you know how popular is affiliate marketing is going to be soon? You have no idea that there are a lot of business out there who are promoting thousands of website online and trying to get an affiliate commission.

It is not easy for any online marketer to keep the track on the business and get the affiliate link for different websites at the same time.

There are a hell lot of competitors in the market; To survive, you need to make sure that you get the best affiliate program websites that help you earn more commission. Let me tell you about the best affiliate marketing I’ve come across lately,

Human Proof Designs is one of the top marketers to offer the best affiliate companies. The tool will help to track down the affiliate marketing from Blogs, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and even mail.  The best part is it not only offers affiliate sites but also trains newcomers with the strategy and affiliate programs.

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What is Human Proof Design?

Human Proof Design is one of the renowned partners of affiliate marketing. They have always been concerned with offering the affiliate site based on your niche.

Human Proof Designs Review

They are assumed to be the best in industry. They make sure that your sites get a high-quality, professional, and appealing look. Human Proof Design will help you with the Pre-researched niche.

What do you get with Human Proof Design?

The company will help you get a quality website, comprehensive training, and on-going support. The Human Proof will help you with extensive Keyword research, On-page SEO, and also help you to build links and PBN training.

You will get tools which mostly target the niche and market research which you are looking for; they work the best to get the keyword research.

Human Design proof works best and makes sure that you get content from the full staff of professional writers. The company is best known to offer affiliate website design based on tested and proven HPD templates.

The tool will help you with the on-page SEO where you need to do internal linking, title keyword, title modifiers, H1, H2 tags, etc.

They are also known to offer Plug You In which is ready for you to dive in, insert your affiliate links, and start ranking.

Human Proof Design Services Offered

Affiliate Sites

Affiliate Sites comes up with four different tools to help you to get the best affiliate program available in the market. This includes

Ready Made Niche Site– They are the best when it comes to looking for affiliate link under your niche. Ready Made Niche Site make sure that you get the best medium to get the on-page SEO, training, and support.

Custom Made Niche Site– Custom made contains only hand-selected niche for you. They are  expert when it comes to getting the profitable niche that you’re passionate about; the charge will range from $798 to $1298

Aged Site– If you are looking for something which gives you pre-made affiliate sites that have been in the market for more than six months, you can search for Aged Site. Not only it offers you the best way to get a commission, but also you get a reasonable price of $1797.

Authority Site

The best way to optimize your website is the Authority Site. It will give you a valuable online asset where you can choose according to your niche strategy, and the price will be $5400. The tool makes sure to provide the best return on Investment.


There are three different tools offered by Human Proof design for the content

Monthly Article Subscription- Here, you will get monthly articles according to your niche.

The company has the best writers who will help you with the materials, editing, uploading, and publishing.  The price for the Content article will be around $109 to $659 per month.

Articles Pack

If you are looking for a pack of articles by our trained in-house writers, you can search for Articles Pack. With the package, you will get an assurance of getting content from 8000 words to 24000 words.

The price for the Articles pack will range from $299 to $1298. If you are not satisfied with the tool, you can also look for money back


EBook is the best way to attract buyers and grow your email list with niche specific eBooks. It is the best way to provide value up front and helps to build trust with your audience. The price of the eBook will be just $199.


There are four different tools offered with SEO

SEO packages- With the SEO packages, you get both on-page and off-page optimization. The best part is the device will focus on white hat methods. The price will range from $549 to $1499 a month.

Press Release– They are best when you want your site to be featured on Google, Bing, and Yahoo News. Press Release will ensure that you get consistent and premium content for your website.

Monthly PBN links-  If you are looking to create link building with the major companies, Monthly PBN can help you with the best. It will help you to choose the best target and help you to build links for you every month.

PBN links– PBN links will only help you with 10 to 15 PBN links to make relationship for your website. The price will range from $499 to $675. It is the best way to boost your rank and get the highest traffic.

Keyword Packs

Cheap and affordable keyword packs help your online marketing to boost and get the best commission out of it. There are three different packs which Keyword Packs offers.

Readymade Keyword Packs– With the Readymade Keyword Packs, you will be able to get a pack of 500 to 1000 keywords. It is also the best way to know about your competitor’s keyword list. The price will be just $69, and with the tool, you can rank on the website.

Custom Keywords Packs– Now, build your keywords with Custom Keyword packs. The tool will help you to follow the best instruction to rank the best on the site.


To conclude, Human Proof Design is on the top when it comes to know to get the best affiliate link from the top market.  They offer different services which can help you to stand out of the competition.

You get the payment, which is simple and easy. Human Proof Design also offers the best training for you.  All the training will be related to how to look for top affiliate programs and get a commission out of it. The prices will range from $7 to $129.