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Industrial Hemp Farms Review | Best Wholesale CBD Hemps And Clones

CBD holds the big moment, and many of the individuals out there were becoming aware of its health benefits. Later, marijuana has lost its stigma, but, its legalization brought it back into the mainstream. Many questions have reminded and unanswered related to cannabis.

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However, if you are a CBD lover, then Industrial Hemp Farms is a unique platform that is a Colorado-based, fully licensed, and certified hemp farming wholesale company. One of their primary goals is to make connections and contracts in the hemp industry. Mostly, raw hemp is refined to make wellness products that are affordable too.

Is It Legal To Sell CBD Hemp Flowers?

From a historical perspective, all hemp has been considered an outlaw crop that is strictly prohibited by federal law. Do you know? Hemp prohibition commenced in the 1920s and they are classified as a drug in the Mid 1930s. But, today’s new generation thinkers reconsidered the innate hemp value. According to the 1998 article published in Environmental Economics found that hemp is environmentally friendly. In 2018, President Trump signed an 867$ farm bill to aid U.S farmers and legalizes industrial hemp as a crop. As per the latest report by the Brightfield Group, CBD hemp is expected to hit $1 billion by 2020.

Industrial Hemp Farms

Services Offered At Industrial Hemp Farms

  • Hemp Futures Contracts
  • Hemp CBD Business Financing 
  • CBD Isolate & Distillate Extraction
  • Biomass to Crude Toll-processing
  • Industrial Hemp Transport


House Bud Strains

Industrial Hemp Farms is thrilled to offer a plethora of discounted strains for all frugal hemp lovers. These premium indoor-grown flowers are affordable hemp buds that give unparalleled smoking experience. This company also promises that all discount hemp was 100% organic and sustainably grown. 

  • Birthday cake CBD Hemp Flower
  • Outdoor Lifter Smalls CBD Hemp Flower
  • Outdoor Little Miss Sunshine CBD Hemp Flower
  • Outdoor kali Breeze Hemp flower
  • New York Lights CBD Hemp Flower
  • Premium Cookies CBD Hemp Flower
  • Coca dream CBD Hemp Flower
  • Seeded Abacus CBD Hemp Flower

Wholesale CBD 

Wholesale CBD is extracted at the IHF lab in Denver. All products at IHF are hand shucked. At the extraction facility, they use the finest quality hemp biomass in CBD isolate. This company uses a sophisticated ethanol extraction system for extracting high levels of CBD from industrial hemp. Do you know? Premium industrial hemp biomass can be turned into decarboxylated CBD hemp oil. 

  • CBD Slab 
  • CBD Isolate Powder
  • CBD Distillate Cannabinoids
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate Oil
  • Bulk CBD Isolate Crystal Cannabinoids
  • CBN Hemp Oil

Luckyleaf CBD Hemp Cigarettes  

IHF is partnered up and created a new brand that is capable of creating a trend on the CBD market. Especially, these lucky leaf hemp smokes are made with completely homogenized high-quality indoor hemp trim. For one pack, you need to pay $12.99, $69.99 for 1 Carton, and $525 for ten cartons. 

Pricing of Industrial Hemp Farms  

Many of the experts believe that CBD supports, balance, and promote wellness. By using these CBD products, one can restore sleep, clean energy, improved mood, focus, and relieve stress. You need to pay 1 lbs $900, $4000 for full-spectrum CBD distillate, and $119.99 wholesale CBD products.