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Just One Dime Review | Start Your Own E-Commerce Business

Want to start a company on your own in the early twenties? It’s a great initiative, but how would you? Being an entrepreneur, business enthusiast, it’s not a cake-walk to start a business and succeed in the cut-throat competition, across the globe. In the world of the internet, the digital marketing business is in a boom, and young aspirants can make millions of dollars, coming up with creative ideas. Before you begin, you may be puzzled up with these kinds of questions, like –

  • How to start selling on Amazon?
  • Does it really work?
  • How much should I invest?
  • How to spy on competitors?
  • Can I boost the profits?
  • What strategies should I follow to rank on top?
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Right, Not anymore! Here presenting you Just One Dime, the world’s best online platform for mastering skills required to set up a business. If you have a clear-cut idea, then you can go directly; Otherwise, you may end up losing money (without having a prior knowledge).


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Just One Dime comes as a one-stop solution for newbies to quickly grasp the business concepts in mind and implement on Amazon to earn profits. This e-learning platform practically trains young minds to build a scalable business worldwide.

The Just One Dime training covers the key aspects like implementing expert-tested methods for finding Amazon products, apply new strategies to dominate competitors by creating a brand, find and negotiate with the trustworthy suppliers in China through Alibaba. Plus, it also helps to rank in the first pages of search engine page results.

After doing hours of research work, here, I’ve given an in-depth review on Just One Dime along with the training programs, prices, benefits, and so on. Scroll down to know more!

List of Amazon FBA Courses

Before scribing for the Amazon FBA courses, it’s essential to look for the best coaching institutes available in the market. Undoubtedly, JustOneDime turned out to be the best and saves time, money investing in fraudulent coaching centers. Here I have mentioned the complete list of Amazon FBA courses available right away with a tap on the subscription buttons. They categorized the topics by keeping beginners, startup geeks, and professionals in mind; making it a worthful.

Course-1: Establish Your Business And Brand

Now, you can establish a strong foundation for creating a business that generates passive income, choose the niche, managing the assets, set up Amazon, and trademarking your brand. This is specially crafted for beginners who love to start an online business at one go. Here is the list of topics covered in the

  • Strategize Branding
  • Setting Up Your Businesses
  • Opening An Amazon Account
  • Set Up The Supplier Accounts
  • How To Do Accounting
  • What You Need To Know About Taxes and Business Insurance

Just One Dime Premium Courses

Course-2: Master The Market

2nd relevant course in the JustOneDime training program is Master the Market. This will let you analyze the market value, high-profit generating products, and understand the latest trends. Are you so excited to know about the course, then check out the list of lessons covered in this module?

• Listings and Terminology
• Product Research Criteria
• Product-Focused Product Hunt
• Keyword Focused Product Hunt
• Europe Focused Product Hunt
• Evaluate The Research Data
• Differentiate Your Product

Course-3: Manufacture Your Product

In course-3, you will know how to beat the competitors and build a trustworthy among the audience. Furthermore, you will be trained to create Amazon listing, set up shipping, and regulations of Amazon fulfillment centers. Following are the topics you may encounter when you subscribe to course-3, manufacture your product.

• Find And Negotiate With Suppliers
• Build Your Differentiated Product
• Set up Shipping, Inspection, and Payments
• Create Amazon Listing
• Ship Products to Amazon

Course-4: Launch Your Brand

This is the most basic course that every business person must know before launching a product or service into the market. The tutorials will let you know about marketizing items through PPC, generating reviews, and advanced techniques for boosting sales. You will also learn how to introduce a new product, brand to the world by focusing on sales and promotions. Have a look at the topics covered in this program.

• How To Do Amazon Giveaways
• How To Create Seller Sequences
• Generating The Organic Reviews
• Launch and Analyze The PPC Data
• Improve the Rankings and Conversions
• Understand The Power Of A Launch
• How To Launch Facebook Ads and Other Advanced Strategies

Course-5: Expand Your Reach

With heavy competition in the digital marketing platform, it’s not an easy task to grow your business from scratch. You need to follow certain strategies that help to succeed on a longer run. Being a fresher, you might not be knowing how to deal with such cases. There comes the need for the course – expand your reach. Check out the topics covered in this program.

• Optimize Your Sales
• Protect And Expand Your Brand
• Keep Your Amazon Account Healthy
• Deliver Amazon Customer Support Services
• Handle IP Infringement Authenticity Claims
• How to Handle Hijackers and Black Hat Competitors

Despite the courses, you get access to seven bonuses like product research dominance, product research, and rankings, PPC mastery, lawyer training for brand protection, business mastery, and trademark brand expansion.

Benefits And Drawbacks

Benefits Of Just One Dime Coaching

Savvy entrepreneurs are aware that the best investment in the business is people and thus, where benefits of business coaching come in. Many studies have shown that organizations that focus on people achieved massive profits in recent times. Are you looking forward to establishing a company? You should look into the benefits,

• Discover the hidden secrets for creating passive income every month through Amazon e-commerce store, includes Amazon seller hacks and all.

• Analyze the techniques where you can achieve a maximum number of sales per month for a product or a niche market.

• Be a part of social communities where sellers share their personal experiences, say tips, challenges, ideas, how to implement and succeed.

• It doesn’t matter whether you are targeting the US, Germany, UK, Mexico, Canada, etc., locations, Just One Dime will help you expand the business by listing a set of Amazon research tools.

• It offers five different programs, namely – establish your business brand, master the market, expand your reach, manufacture your product, launch your brand to match with the requirements of different marketers.

• You will be accessed to 4hours of live every week from the founder, Seth Kniep. To add on, you get business tips from the experts and entrepreneurs who have succeeded by following Dime marketing techniques.


• What made us so disappointed is the high-fee structure may be inappropriate for few users. If you think you can afford that much, then choose different levels of the program and the payment can be made monthly/yearly. I advise you to look for the promo codes and discounts before setting up the payment.

Just One Dime Subscription Services

If you are ready to change business plan, probably go with any of the two pricing plans, annual or monthly subscription. In the yearly FBA mastery plan, you will be charged $1997 per year. Roughly, you will be priced $167 per month, which you can save $967 compared to the monthly plan. Whereas, you will be billed $247 for monthly premium services. However, we are offering Just One Dime Coupon Codes, especially for you to save on every investment you made.

Premium Plans Cost

Monthly $247
Annual $1997

What Will You Get? You may not be knowing what exactly you get for the price. Deep down, it’s so embarrassing if you do not know what you get when spent high-amounts for a course or any other product. Do not worry! Here I’m revealing you the seven things that you will come across once you become a part of the Dime marketing institute.

• 6 hours of interactive workshops every week.
• 200 exclusive training videos.
• Private meeting with Amazon experts.
• Be a part of the Amazon seller community.
• 12 massive high-profit generating marketing ideas.
• Exciting quizzes to test your knowledge
• Access too 500 training slides

We know how hard it is if you didn’t get what you expect. Unlike other educational institutions, Just One Dime is offering 14-days money back policy where you get a 100% money-back if you aren’t happy with the training.


Winding up, Just One Dime is a wonderful platform for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals to dive into Amazon FBA business and earn huge profits in a short time. If you are seriously looking for a medium to get-over unlimited videos, training sessions, and more; better to invest on Just One Dime. It offers everything you need to master the skills for business from scratch. On top of that, Dime training services are a bit pricey.