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Loganix Review – The Most Useful Services For SEO’s & Agencies

Read the latest loganix review. The founder of loganix is Adam Steele. He is a constant builder of the things. This company was started in 2010. During that particular period of time, They don’t have any website.  While building their local SEO product, loganix members started creating Gmail accounts and sell them. The complete list of services is given in our Loganix Review

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In a short period, they have become one of the premier citation company for many forums, Creative citation building solutions to the agencies and small agencies. This company is so confident in the quality of the citations. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Their mission is to provide the best selling products which can withstand in any comparison test.

Why Loganix?

Loganix provides link building services to SEO & Agencies. This company is also featured in Forbes, INC, Backlink and mashable. Loganix is offering SEO services from the past seven years. They provide link building services for SEO agencies and small business. Loganix has the tools which dominate local and organic ranking. This company has an individual link building service and custom strategy.

Loganix is working with top agencies around the globe. Everybody puts SEO flavor on link-building campaigns. You can get access to the full services of SEO Plans. The company is backed by SEO, Link builders, Copywriters, Designers, and developers. White labeled SEO allows the user to pass reports to the clients. Loganix also works with fortune campaigns in 33 different countries. If any customer purchases $1000 then, you can be admitted into the agency program.

loganix Review


These citations were classified into three different types such as Citation Building, Citation Cleanup and $7 citation Audit. Citations is an online business name, address, and phone number. This online version comes with a lot of versatility. The places where citations were built are known as citation sources. There are four different types of citations such as Biz directories, Social, Photo, and Video. These business directories are still the gold standard for the structured citations.

The social citations will utilize the massive size including the authority of social platforms. Every citation build must have three high-quality criteria like they were built by hand by smart people, Each citation is researched and Every citation can be justified. They protect quality with a comprehensive 7- stage process which includes Verifying your business data and Auditing your existing citations to figure out your existing profile.

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Content Marketing

Loganix set the world standard in a local search which defines how the page is optimized for local search. They have already written a book on local landing pages. The SEO copywriters have produced thousands of landing pages, Service pages, well-researched and optimized blog posts. There is optional keyword research that is available to empower your content. SEO marketing copywriter understands how to incorporate the best modern practices. They will also research upon your competitors which works for top results.

Guest Posting

A guest posting is a service that ranks. You can build a guest post service. It’s on a long-term relationship with hundreds of multi-topic websites. The real sites with genuine organic traffic will reach the SEO sniff test. Generally, the guest posting process is carried out in three procedures like Placing order & Provide inputs, Matchmaking & Writing and Publishing QA & Reporting.


Loganix is one of the most trusted partners which delivers premium link building services for SEO and Agencies. At loganix, You can shop for Citations building, Citations cleanup, Citations Audit, SEO copywriting, content marketing, Guest posts, Premium SEO including SSL migration.