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Lovense Review | Improving Your Sex Life Through Technology

Take the opportunity and enjoy great sex in and out of the bedroom using teledildonics. Lovense sex toys have taken a tremendous journey in the industry. Redeem Lovense Discount Code for more savings on Sex Toys.

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The inspiration emerged when the founder of the company has one long-distance relationship.

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Sexual intimacy is important in a relationship and the couple lacked one thus the interest in using teledildonics which was in 2009. The remote pleasure was created in 2010 which was a vibrator remotely controlled. It used Skype for control form on end and was well welcomed by many couples around the world. That was not the end of the production journey though.

The company’s milestones and products

2011 and 2012 were all about research and prototypes. This process sparkled the birth of first-two way interactive sex toys. The designs and technology did not meet the company’s standard forcing them to go back and look for something much better for their standards. Smartphone Bluetooth technology would b the next technology to be utilized. Use Lovense Discount Code at the checkout page to get more discount on your purchase.

Nora and Max were released into the market in late 2013. Max was the first to be used for male masturbation while Nora was the first Bluetooth rabbit vibrator.

The company has always had an interest in expanding the product line in the market. The company decided to continue with innovation and this time it would vouch for a toy to be used for public play. This decision was followed by awful experiences with traditional controlled and Bluetooth vibrators.  Lovense spends a year testing the product before launching to ensure there were no problems. Lush was released in 2015 which has a variety of features. The vibrator received a massive response and was well sold out all over the world.

The company’s motive was to have a butt plug and an egg vibrator at the same time but it was made impossible by the issues with the butt plug. They were launched in 2016 and received a warm welcome and response. It had a lot of pre-orders and was termed as one of the most successful sex toy in the industry judging by the massive orders, sales, and responses from users. Lovense Discount Code save your money on different vibrators.

2017 was another year of success through doubling of the product line. The company launched four products.

  • Ambi-a bullet vibrator which is designed uniquely
  • Edge- an adjustable prostrate massager
  • Osci- used to reach the G-spot
  • Domi-a powerful min wand.

Through these four products, the company received a lot of pre-orders for over $327000. In the process, the software team also came up and released two new apps. Launching new toys is great and the company has always in mind to improved user experience

2018 started with a boom with the company launching USB Bluetooth Adapter. The team created this one for exclusive connection with any Lovense toy with a windows Pc. The process is easy and requires a few steps and total enjoyment.


Long distance relationship can prove to be a hassle and the lack of sexual intimacy can make a couple fall apart. Lovense came to solve the issues. They have provided a solution through their products that are highly valued, unique and have positive responses from the users.