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Lucid Dream Leaf Review – The Best Supplements For Better Dream Recall

Read the latest Lucid Dream Leaf review. Lucid Dream Leaf sells lucid dreaming supplements. This company mission is to seek by increasing human consciousness through the medium of a dream. They have already experienced some of the powerful applications of lucid dreaming. They aim to help people with synergistic herbs.  This company is confident that nutritional supplements help for conscious dreaming.

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Connor Southworth is the co-founder of Lucid Dream Leaf. This dream leaf activates neurotransmitters that are involved in conscious dreaming. Every individual can experience the powerful lucid dreaming experience. The dream leaf can extends the final REM stage which makes your dreams to stay longer and more vivid. It can improve your vision by recalling memory when you are in REM sleep.

How Luciddreamleaf Works?

Lucid dreaming supplement is a highly effective supplement which creates the right neuro environment for lucid dreaming. It gradually increases dream recall & dream vividness. They can promote high-level lucid dreaming. Generally, it is composed of red Pill and the Blue pill. Every pill plays an essential role in a successful lucid dream induction.

The dream leaf targets and lengthens your natural R.E.M cycle. These two parts of this composed natural herbs strengthen the mind. Blue pill & red pill contains five effective lucid dream herbs. Blue pill promotes restful deep-sleep, Rem rebound effect and dreamy creativity.  The red pill supports lucid dreams by improving memory and increases dream control.

Lucid Dream Leaf Review

Blue Pill Ingredients

Mugwort helps to calm your nerves. This is one of the famous dream herbs for enthusiasts. It helps your dream to be incredibly creative with more vivid. The REM rebound effect boosts serotonin levels. It can also show effect during the 2nd half of the mid-night.

Red Pill Ingredients

The huperzine-A breakdowns ACH, which helps to access your real memories. It promotes rational thinking while you are in REM sleep. It functions as a catalyst for lucid dream induction. This can even raise acetylcholine levels. Memory and lucid dreaming are interconnected. It works while you sleep.  

Lucid Dreaming Supplement

This dream leaf comes with a synergistic blend of natural herbs. They use high-quality ingredients that ensure they get the best results for the customers. Every ingredient serves as a specific purpose. Just try the world’s most effective lucid dreaming supplement. It can promote your personal growth & self-development by enhancing your self-confidence. They can improve one’s physical & Mental health.

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This lucid dreaming supplement consists of 11 different types of products such as Dream leaf lucid dreaming supplement for night supply, Organic mugwort promotes creative dreaming and lucid dreams, Fox thoughts focus and memory enhancement count, Tribune natural sleep aid, choline bitartrate, and Alpha GPC. Lucid dreaming has considerably promoted your personal growth and self-development. It can also improve your mental and physical health by facilitating the creative problem. All these dreams can be fun, Interesting and Exhilarating for everyone.


Luciddreamleaf consists of mystical herbs for lucid dreaming. This galantamine is one of the popular herbs used by lucid dreamers. All these natural supplements have been used for centuries in China. It works as a memory enhancer. The ingredients can maximize the effectiveness of each herb. They can improve your dream recall and dream creativity.