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Mito Red Light Review – The Best Quality Red Light Therapy Products

Mito red light is a company which is committed to bringing the best quality red light therapy products. This red light therapy is approved by FDA treatment modality. The light helps to regulate all natural rhythms of the mind and body. Follow our Mito Red Light Review for complete feedback.

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One of the clinical professors said All human beings were evolved under the day & Night cycle. Nowadays most of the lives are spent with indoor artificial lights.

Why Mito Red Light?

In most of the cases, light therapy can effectively treat insomnia, Hyperactivity Disorder, and Dementia.  This light therapy consists of a box of fluorescent lights which mimic the natural outdoor light.

3 Types of Mito Red Light

These Mito Red Light products are classified into three different types.

  • MitoMAX
  • MitoMID
  • MitoMIN


MitoMaX is a supercharged light. It comes with full powered body treatment. This MitoMAX uses 100W 200 LED therapy devices. It has in-built whisper quiet fans which keep LEDs cool by ensuring 50,000 hours of lifespan. MitoMAX has dual switches. Each switch comes with 660 nm and 850 nm. This company also provide a full three years warranty. MitoMAX package comes with Instruction manual, Mounting hardware, and Goggles.

mito red light review

Specifications of MitoMAX

The MitoMAX light product is sized at 36″ X 8.25″ X 2.75 Inch. It comes with an input voltage of AC 100-240V. The actual power of MitoMAX is 330+ 5 %. The color ratio varies between 660nm: 850 nm. This MitoMAX has dual switches. One switch comes with 660nm, and another switch comes with 850nm. The beam is angled at 60 degrees. It weighs about 20 lbs. Mitomax has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.  MitoMax is priced at USD 759.00.


MitoMID is a supercharged light. It is integrated with high powered treatment with mitoMID 500W 100 LED red light therapy. This light comes with quiet fans which keep LEDs cool by ensuring 50,000 hours of lifespan. Its devices have equipped by dual switches. Each switch consists of two nm such as 660nm & 850nm. They also allow customizing the sessions. This is one of the light which has the highest irradiance on the market. MitoMiD light comes with three years of warranty. It includes mounting hardware, Instruction manual, and Googles.

Specifications of MitoMID

MitoMID light is sized at 19″ X 8.25″ X 2.75 inch. Its input voltage is in between AC100 -240V. The actual power of MitoMiD is 135+5%. These LEDs comes with 100 x 5w. The weight of the Mito red light is 9 LBS. It comes with 50,000 hours of life span. This MitoMid light is priced at USD 449.00.

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MitoMin is a high powered light. It is a 300W 60 LED red light therapy device. The fans are assembled inside this device were quite silently. MitoMIN comes with dual switches.  It comes with 660 nm and 850 nm. This mitoMIN package comes with Googles, Instruction manual and Mounting hardware. Mito red Light provides three years of warranty upon their products.

Specifications of MitoMIN

MitoMIN is sized at 12.25″ X 8.25′ X 2.25 inch. This MitoMin light has an input voltage of AC 100- 240 V. There irradiance is greater than 100+mw/cm2 @ 6 inches. These dual switches can be customized according to your need. It is beam angled at 60 degrees. By using this product, 10 min per day equates to 822 years. MitoMIn light comes with three years of manufacture warranty. The MitoMIN product is priced at$259.00 USD.


Mito red light mission is to provide the highest quality red light therapy products to the customers. FCC, ROHS, and CE certify this company. These Mito red light devices emit 660mm light that is absorbed by your skin which helps in boosting collagen production. It also aids skin conditions. The infrared 850nm can penetrate deeper into your muscle for recovery including joint pain and Cellular renewal.