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Monoprice Review | Best Store For All Your Electronics Needs

Monoprice is an online retailer of consumer electronic gadgets and computer peripheral parts and accessories. It is also an esteemed brand that has a ton of original components that work marvelously. The products are excellent and their customer service is simply stunning. The catalogue contains 6500 affordable electronic accessories for you to choose from. They eliminate a series of middlemen who typically jack up the prices of electronic gadgets, and by bringing the products directly to you from the manufacturers they also pass on the savings. Whether you’re a gamer requiring the 60 FPS, Ultra HD IPS monitor, the high DPI mouse and a gaming keyboard, or simply a desk clerk who needs a better mechanical keyboard to type on, Monoprice has you covered. With the great deals, discounts, offers, coupons 2018 and promo codes, the already low prices that the site offers can be brought down even further to multiply your savings.


  • Headphones, Earbuds, and Ear Phones
  • Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and Microphone
  • Bluetooth Headphones and Speaker
  • Cables
  • Camera

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Headphones, Earbuds, and Ear Phones

15% off sitewide

Headphones are an integral part of your viewing experience and can provide in-depth and detailed sounds that speakers can never replicate. Earbuds and earphones do the same, but at a much more compact level. However, the sound that they produce are simply different. Headphones will have much better airflow but will also be heavy and bulky, and your ears may start paining after some time of using them. Earphones are much better at sound isolation, noise cancellation, and precision since the sound originates right inside your ears instead of around your head.

Monoprice Discount Code

However, headphones generally have a better frequency response, which means all frequencies are played back with equal intensity. With the great Monoprice Discount Code, deals, coupons, offers and promo codes you can choose the best headphones or earphones at extremely low prices. For headphones, we’d suggest the hi-fi over the head headphones. For earphones you can’t go wrong with enhanced bass, hi-fi noise isolating earphones. Also check Amazon for more offers on electronics.

Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and Microphone

20% off on wall mounts

Let’s be honest, there is nothing that you stare at longer than your monitor, your interface into the cyber world. As such, no other piece of hardware needs to be a sophisticated and capable as the monitor, which is quite often the bottleneck that holds your PC back. The keyboard and the mouse need to be awesome as well for you to truly enjoy your time on the computer. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome or another such disease, it becomes critical to have an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. If your work involves typing for long hours, we would highly recommend a mechanical keyboard. For online gaming and communications, your microphone plays an important part.

It is the yardstick by which you can measure the quality of your connection as well. For a monitor, we would suggest the 27” IPS monitor that supports a resolution of 2650 x 1440 pixels. You can also combine it with the red switch mechanical keyboard and the blue streak optical mouse. With the great deals, discounts, coupons, offers and promo codes, you can have the peripherals of your choice at dirt cheap prices.Want to save more on shopping then check the offers on Beauty Coupons, Shopping Coupons, Books CouponsFoot Wear Reviews and Jewelry Coupons.

Bluetooth Headphones and Speaker

Enhanced bass, hi-fi noise isolating earphones for $2.99

Monoprice provides from Bluetooth gaming headsets for casual and professional gamers to high-quality bass enhancing over the ear headphones that have built-in mics which will be a favorite amongst audiophiles. They even have Bluetooth earphones with NFC and a built-in mic. If headphones aren’t your thing, they even have both bar type or surround type speaker systems to meet your standards.

They have 4-inch two-way bookshelf speakers as well as much more elaborate speaker systems for your every need. In conjunction with the deals, discounts, offers, coupons and promo codes you can bring down the price of these accessories even more. If you are looking for more savings on Speakers then check Walmart Coupons.


Free shipping in the US for certain HDMI cables

Monoprice offers a variety of cables from USB cables and converters to CAT5 cables for connecting to the internet or HDMI cables for your viewing needs. The cables are available in a variety of forms, sizes and shapes and they have got a cable to suit your every need.

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MicroSD cards starting as low as $6.99

Monoprice has from dummy CCTV cameras, real CCTV cameras to even high-end cameras for shooting pictures or making videos. They also offer various camera accessories, bags, and tripods to support your high-end equipment.Comapre the offers of Monoprice with HP Coupons 2018DJI Coupons and Sears Coupons

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Monoprice legit?

Yes, Monoprice has existed for a long time and is completely legit.

Does Monoprice accept PayPal?

Yes, Monoprice does accept payments via PayPal.