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Paperlike Review – Magical iPad Screen Protector with Nanodots Technology

When you imagine writing on a pad or any other digital device, we think that writing will differ and it is impossible to design or draw. But what if you get a paper like a screen which will give you the same feel of writing on paper. Of course, there will be a difference, and that will be the quality difference. You can get your work done as neatly you want to. If you’re going to draw as well, imagine no use, and this makes your drawing as neat as possible. Use now PaperLike Discount Code to have an offer.

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Now choose your iPad size and get the paper to feel yourself by using Paperlike. PaperLike is perfect for long drawing sessions or taking notes. With Paperlike you get the best texture and grip, this changes the way the iPad feels. To get the latest update and more about the product make sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

The creator of paperlike loves to work paperless. He was excited when the iPad Pro launched with an apple pencil. So he hated the feel of hard rubber on the surface of iPad glass. Jan finds the solution to this issue. In 2017 he started kick-starter, and 2000 backers supported his idea. These paperlike products were available all over the world. This company has a small dedicated team. This team helps customers by providing their services.

Why is PaperLike Best

Paperlike is a screen protector which is made to work entirely by using an apple pencil. After extensive research & testing, they made paperlike. Generally, it acts as a screen shield which makes writing comfortable on iPad pro with an apple pencil. You can be able to feel ultra butter-smooth experiences. If you wear in meeting No matter you can collect simple thoughts by writing notes or meeting notes. You can rest a hands-on display without leaving finger marks. You can draw a digital sketching experience that feels like paper on iPad. By using paperlike your hand slides on the iPad’s surface.No more heavy books or documents & printing. Anyone can write directly upon a page.

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You can highlight the annotation on the iPad. Paperlike provides the benefits of writing on iPad pro with Apple pencil, No fingerprints can be seen upon screen surfaces, protects your screen against scratches, and reduces glare. Paperlike has been made to stimulate the feeling of paper while using. This surface texture is hard. All titles, sketches, and annotations can be made on iPad pro using a paperlike prototype. They were compatible with the more significant (12.9 inches) and the smaller ones (9.7 inches). The improvement can be seen in the glare & reflection. Even the apple users were amazed by using paper feel. The manufacturing and quality of there products were superior. You can feel better writing experience naturally than before. But the screen’s resolution, brightness is reduced a bit due to grained texture.

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Some of the pros of paperlike such as makes writing & note-taking feel more like original paper protects the screen from scratches & fingerprints and reduces the glare of the sun. The cons such as reduced screen resolution and texture, Color noise and it takes some practice to mount it correctly. If you are using an iPad for watching movies, photos then you have to invest in another screen protector. If you want to enhance writing & note-taking experience, then you have to use apple pencil & paperlike. By purchasing paperlike, you can get 2x paperlike screen protectors & 2x wet, dry screen wipes, dust absorber & guide sticker kits. They provide free shipping worldwide with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (or ) you get your money back.

By using the Paperlike screen protector, you can create content and take notes & Drawing digital illustration on your iPod pro. The grip and nice texture make it easier to get what’s in your mind of imagination. paperlike can be optimized for precision, Easy appliance, and fewer reflections.