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Proko Review | A Store with Drawing Courses And Demos

Drawings are the best medium for expressing their words and actions and are believed to be just another basic form of communication. Every designer and artist uses drawing as their way to start their creative thinking. There are few basic skills, but mostly it brings out the artistic hero by giving them confidence in their creative abilities. Therefore, to learn about drawing, follow the Proko brand.

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Proko is an online brand that gives you an edge over your thinking and imagination. It helps you to fulfill your drawing dream with the help of plenty of lessons in every section. It brings the perfect selection of categories for you to draw in different ways, such as the anatomy of the human body, sculpting fundamentals, and so on. Hence, this brand is perfect for learning drawing art in no time.

People who like drawing but cannot communicate with it have this great website that helps them fulfill all their needs and be more creative. This website will enhance the skills and minds of one individual. Proko courses are here to help those who don’t know where to begin. It brings in the top quality videos which provide essential information regarding drawings. Proko reviews on the services allow the user to understand more about the services being offered and maintain transparency.

Why Proko?

Proko is a widely used website for beginners to start from the bottom and for professionals to make them more explicit about the product. Drawing as considered to be as one of the best media to deliver your own opinion towards life, politics or anything, through Proko one gets the best support to fulfill whatever they want to achieve.

Proko Review

A craft needs to be molded in such a way that once it reaches out to the people, they should understand the motive and reason behind the creativity directly. To make these creatures look approachable, one needs education it may be through books or videos or inspirational people. Proko website has been created to reach out to more number of passionate artists to make them achieve and focus on what they want to do in life. The site also gives personal critique which provides more strength to those who are beginners.

The website is coming without any downside as the price, high-quality content and accessible teaching style has made it easier for an individual to understand. The course is well suited and perfectly prepared in a way to make every individual know from the primary level to the highest level. All the classes come in HD 720p MP4 files. The new ones are coming with 1080p HD which gives more clarity to understand and bring out the best use of it. It is advisable to not to spend any money until and unless one has tried Proko.

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Types of Courses Proko Offers

There are premium and basic courses which help one to get a better understanding of drawings. Courses include Portrait Drawing Course, Figure Drawing Course, Anatomy Drawing Course, Caricature Drawing Course. You get 40 minutes of different poses in the premium course, with Stan demoing how to draw each bean. So, let’s check out the courses and get in-depth details about them.

Figure Sculpting Fundamentals

Proko comes with an exceptional figure-sculpting fundamentals lesson where you can learn drawing art with the help of Andrew Joseph Keith. The Figure Sculpting Fundamentals lesson is designed for all beginners looking for some serious sculpting that covers most of the fundamentals. It does not matter how much you can draw as this course will assist you to be a professional in human figures.

The figure sculpting fundamentals come with 33 different lessons to learn more about wire armature, good references, sculpting mistakes, full demo, gesture & balance, primary forms, study boards. Besides, you can also learn about the materials & supplies, building out the sculpture, mold making, figurative abstraction, and so on. So learn everything you want and draw just like professional artists.

Figure Drawing Fundamentals

The figure drawing fundamentals has 57 lessons with 16h 46m duration. This video includes lessons, critique videos, and free videos, which can help you to understand the art properly. Plus, there is something to mention, which is that this video contains nudity. Still, there are things to discuss before getting into the drawing. So, make sure to cover the important drawing concepts like motion, action, rhythm, posture, and flow.

And the art of identity drawing plays a crucial role while drawing as you need to have the idea of tilting, twisting, leaning, and foreshortening. Therefore, ensure to cover all the basic requirements like landmarks, practice & patience, Robo Bean, shading, mannequinization, and proportions & measuring.

Character Design Monster Lab

Character Design Monster Lab has 3 lessons so far and comes with a 4h 9m duration. Here you can learn the art of drawing monsters along with the new shape carving techniques. And you can easily understand the specific elements from zero and know more in-depth about the devils. Hence, this course is helpful for you to clear your design concept to be in the for the longer industry.
So, let’s talk about some of the things you will learn in the Character Design Monster Lab.

Here, you will learn about design concepts for creating character variety, refining pencil sketches, color & texture, generating ideas, thumbnail drawing, and final presentation. All these points are great and assist you in getting more knowledge about drawing monsters in detail.

Anatomy of the Human Body

Anatomy of the Human Body brings 361 lessons for the next 77h 1m. This video will help you to understand the joints and landmarks to draw the body accurately. Here, you can read the insertion of muscles to get the right spots to draw in perfect shapes. Besides, a simple form will also get shading, muscles feel, and accurate perspective. Along with that, layering is important to get the perfect picture of a real person.

Plus, you can understand the body type of person or character in no time, which means you can draw the person in any shape and size with creative freedom and accuracy. And, it is very crucial to know the function of a body, which helps you see the limitation of drawing the body in motion with relaxing muscles, flexing, and stretching. Idealization is crucial too, which asks to fix the mistake and tells you to add more into the drawing for a good picture.

Features of Proko

There are plenty of features Proko offers. It includes 3D models & eBooks, Extended Lessons, Assignment Demonstration, Downloads, Assignments, Money-back Guarantee. These features are class and give you a proper understanding of drawing before getting into the drawing industry.

Extended Lessons & Access to Assignments

If you have any issues with the lessons, you can always pick the extended lesson for better understanding. Now, you will get access to longer classes, which cover more information about every single topic. Besides, you will get the proper demonstration and example.

After getting the drawing knowledge, you will get through numerous exercises to practice, which you have learned previously. Once you are done with the assignments, you can later post them in the community section for feedback to know what other people are posting on their own.

3D Models & eBooks

While going through the videos or lessons, you can watch the 3D classes, which you can see in the browser. The best part is that you do need to down any software. Besides, the models will help you study well, as the models are the perfect aid for assignments. Hence, make it count and improve your drawing quickly without hesitation.

When it comes to eBooks, this course comes with PDF eBooks, which you can download whenever you want. This eBook is nothing but a complimentary for the users to have other versions of lessons. So, ensure to make full use of it without paying a single extra penny.

Assignment Demonstrations

As far as the demo is concerned, you should know how to use the lesson you have learned. Plus, many people are just visual learners, so hearing and explaining the concept is not enough. Therefore, you need to go through the courses again and again. If you go through the demo frequently, then you will get an idea about drawing any particular sculpture or character in no time.

Money-Back Guarantee

Suppose you have come across any issue related to the lessons or any particular doubt about the drawing or sculpture. Then, you are eligible to ask for a refund within 30-days without any questions. Proko’s main focus is that if you are convinced with the products or service, they will not force you to keep it. So, make sure to ask for a refund if needed then make it happen within the given days.


Proko is the perfect brand that thoroughly helps you with drawing challenges. Here, you can learn everything about drawing, from making an ideal art of sculpting fundamentals, figure drawing, character design, and human body anatomy. So, explore the drawing lesson and make full use of features to gain knowledge.