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Redbox Review | Online Games, DVD & Blue Ray Rentals

So you are free tonight and you feel like watching a movie, but going to the theaters are hectic. Just get back, and enjoy the best of movies with Redbox DVD and Blue Ray rentals. Redbox also deals in games for Microsoft Xbox and Sony play station 4, gaming devices. The online site is for you to reserve a disc online, so that when you go in for pick, you do not have to pay any cash, and wait in queues. Also online you get the chance to use Redbox Coupons to get deals and earn discounts. The site also features rich with new movie reviews from customers, trailers, synopses, and ratings, for you to judge before you watch or play them.


  • Rent DVD and Blue-Rays
  • Rent Games
  • Redbox Play Pass
  • Redbox as Gifts

Rent DVD and Blue-Rays

Get the latest movies at high Blue Ray qualities at your nearest Redbox stores

Friday night and weekends are meant to be laid back on your sofa, having a bowl filled with popcorns and watching your favorite movies. A lot of people find going to the theaters and sitting on a chair idle for an hour or two, excruciatingly boring. The luxury of sitting at home, being laid back, and enjoying a movie at your leisure is always awesome, and all it claims you to get a DVD or a Blue Ray disc. Redbox has a highly curated library of movies labeled at cheap renting prices, you can get further promo codes and distinguished Redbox coupons which when used at checkout will offer you great discounts. If you are a music lover then check Beatport Coupons for better savings on music.

Rent Games

All the games you always wanted to play

You are a gamer but buying a game DVD has always been a pain, since once you complete the game, you are out of options of how to make use of the disc, also, games do not come cheap. Redbox treats you with the option to get your game craze to prosper with Redbox Game DVD rentals. Pay Redbox with Redbox cards, credit and debit card, AMEX card and others, and avail promotional offers on their site, also apply Redbox coupons to get discounts. Redbox does not only deal in rentals but also sells games for PS4 and XBOX 360 and XBOX one.

Redbox Coupons

Visit Redbox site and store to find out what they have to offer. Play famous games like call of duty, ninja turtles, doom, battle born, home front, life is strange, et cetera and many more. Pay per night basis, i.e. get a game, play day and night, until you complete, return and pay only for the days you played it. Happy gaming.

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Redbox Play Pass

All time Redbox treat for renters

With this pass you get 10 points per rentals you make and thereby gaining credits for one free disc at the end of ten rentals, a one-night rental free disc for your birthday, and Redbox Play Pass  signing up anniversary. And a lot of surprise rewards and exclusives meant only for you. The offers are obviously out to make your day special. Who does not want gifts, and gifts in the form of movies are deals to cherish for.  If are looking to save more on your budget then check the offers on Beauty CouponsClothing & Accessories and Shopping Coupons.

Redbox as Gifts

Entice your loved ones with Redbox coupons and e gift cards

E gift cards and be sent by email, which can only be used online, chose a beautiful e-card and personalize the message you want your receiver to see when they get the e-mail. You can choose multiple quantities of same valued cards, so that they can use them in multiple occasions. And pay for them, that is all on your part.

The other option is to send promo code bundles, in a similar way, online via email, but these can be used at stores as well, here you can choose what to give, like DVDs or Blue Rays or Games, with quantities of 5, 10, 20, 50. And distribute them as you like. Use Redbox Coupons to save more on movie expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Redbox take American Express?

Yes, and you can also pay with Redbox Cards, debit and credit cards, Visa, Master card or Discover. Do not forget to make use of promotional offers and coupon codes to enjoy great discounted deals.

Is Redbox safe?

Yes, all you need to do is choose from a list and request to hold a disc for you, it is that simple, no worries at all in any case.