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Seedsman Review | Your Best Cannabis Seed Provider

Now get the top quality cannabis seeds from Seedsman.  If you are looking for a wide range of feminized seeds, regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, make sure you buy from seedsman. Buy any 3 or 5 pack of Barney’s Farm seeds. On checkout, 3 or 5 Peyote Critical Seeds will be added to your basket! Double on your seeds for no extra cost! Seedsman has been in operation since 2003, selling cannabis seeds online. Use the Seedsman Discount Code for better savings on Cannabis.

It is considered one of the most reliable and trustworthy online seedbanks around the globe. The company has taken a huge milestone over the past decade. Seedsman sells its own brand of cannabis seeds- seedsman as well as stocks 1500 strains from over 65 seedbanks around the world.

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Seedsman has a wide range of products. Besides having a comprehensive library of cannabis seeds around the world, it also offers diverse cannabis related goods for the customers to enjoy which includes books, clothing as storage products.

The customer service of seedsman is top notch given that your emails are replied in less than 24 hours except on weekends and in some exceptional situations.  You can also call us at any time for inquiries and order placement.  You should bear in mind seedsman do not offer any cultivation advises because the seeds are sold as adult collectibles only.

It is also important to note that cannabis seeds are sold in countries that have not legalized its growing for genetic preservation purpose. For more information about Legal Disclaimer, visit About Us. The seeds are sent out worldwide by use of express delivery service which is discrete. The shipping information is available on Shipping Information.

A certain percentage of the seedsman profit is used to helping promote the legal change within the UK and other parts of the world. It is done through attending cannabis show trades, supporting political lobbying organizations, attending conferences and supporting charities.

cannabies seeds

The most important thing seedsman does is trying to encourage the website’s visitors to do the same by keeping them updated on happenings in regards to cannabis law. There is also the provision of sufficient information and articles on all cannabis aspects that can help increase their interests and get them more involved in the lobbying process. The articles are available on Seedsman Blog.

Seedsman values the customers and their loyalty and the rewards come forth in the form of promotions. These together with discounts are given throughout the year. The current deals are found on the Promotions page. Signing up for the monthly newsletter will enable you to stay updated on the fantastic offers available every time.

Why Seedsman is The Best

The company makes sure that you get something which is lab-tested and is certified. The company assures in providing high THC strains, and high CBD medical strains featuring superior genetics from every corner of the world.  Make sure you grab the best opportunity and get discount and coupons on all kinds of strain. Seedsman offers amazing payment option and ensures the transaction to be easy and secured.

Now get the best record of sending quality seeds to all the customers. The variety of strains it offers is just immeasurable and includes Indica seeds, Sativa seeds, High THC seeds, Low THC seeds. You can also buy the seeds by choosing the type of strains. 


It has worldwide discrete shipping. The expert team dispatches packages every day worldwide. The company uses stealth packaging and has a great track of record of sending packages to various countries in the world. Seedsman gives you a 20% off your purchase depending on the size. Besides that, there are over 40 free seed promotions. You can also get free shipping within Europe. You can also get double freebies if you pay your order using bitcoin.

The company believes in rewarding loyal customers for their trust and loyalty in placing cannabis orders. The loyalty program allows customers to earn points with every purchase made which can be redeemed later. Seedsman offers a variety of payment methods. It also allows anonymous payment using Bitcoin. The other options are Debit/credit card payments and bank wire transfer.

Seedsman Products

Cannabis Seeds

The cannabis seeds have the highest quality genetics from more than 80 breeders around the globe. The company has a comprehensive library that allows you to view the highest yielding strain, outdoor and indoor strain. You are able to get help when choosing between Sativa marijuana and indica seeds. Als,o check Hemp Bombs products for better savings. Redeem Seedsman Discount Code for more savings on Cannabis Seeds.

Feminized Seeds

The popular strains are developed to flower as female plants only. Due to this, you can expect the feminized seeds to be about 99.99% female.

Auto-flowering seeds

These popular and phenomenal ranges of strains are bred as they flower. They are based on time and not light exposure.

Regular Seeds

The regular seeds are not genetically modified or altered in any way. These are the seeds that ate offered by a large number of marihuana seed breeders.

Seedsman Collections

The most popular and best-reviewed cannabis seeds are available in collections. The unique collections give the customers a 20% discount on purchase.


Herb vaporizers

The herb vaporizer is one the healthiest and most popular way to enjoy cannabis. There is a wide range to choose from depending on consumer needs. Limited Time offer, use Seedsman Discount Code to get 20% off on your purchases.

Strain finder

These gels to find the cannabis seeds based on key characteristics such as High CBD or high THC.

High THC cannabis seeds

These are a little stronger seeds. The extensive library has strain s that are in high in THC.

High CBD medical cannabis seeds

The library consists of strains that have a medical significance and are high in CBD content.

Cannabis oil

CBD is cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It has been found to contain a wide range of therapeutic properties.


Seedsman has a wide range of merchandise ranging from mugs, caps, bags, and papers. The merchandise is available in a wide range of styles for you.


There are amazing promotions available for customers every day. There is a guarantee of at least one free seed for every order placed. There is also a certain percentage discount off for the purchases made.


Seedsman provides the best and unique cannabis in the world. Its discrete shipping and allowing anonymous payment methods make it easier for customers to enjoy placing their orders more.

The customer’s service is top-notch and seedsman appreciates customer’s feedback. They are also way ahead in the game when it comes to handling customer’s issues and inquiries. This makes the relationship between the customers and the company stronger.

The company has been in operation for long and therefore is aware of the cannabis laws and tends to pass the knowledge to their customers through blogs and articles. Such is important in educating them as well as making an impacting creating more interest in the subject. It is also an important approach in the lobbying process.