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Smilelove Review | Straighten Your Teeth With The Alignment Treatment

Do you know? Having a healthy mouth is a great asset out there. We know that in our daily life’s teeth were playing the major roles. They help humans to chew and digest food, Talk, Speak clearly. They are also responsible for giving proper structure and shape. By visiting the dental professional, everyone can reduce the risk of diseases that are related to Dental decay and gum disease. In the future, it can result in tooth loss.

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If you are looking to minimize all those issues regarding any teeth problems, then, Smilelove is the incredible platform for you. It is a platform that offers the risk of free bundles at most affordable prices. You don’t need to waste your precious time. Just book a slot, the orthodontist is directed at your own home.

How Smilelove Works?

At smilelove, you can book an appointment with orthodontist expertise. All the services provided at smilelove were affordable at your own comfort. The user can customize their own schedule at anywhere and anytime. This company follows three steps that enlisted below:

Step 1. Impress

Smilelove send impression kit to make dental moulds. Their board-certified orthodontists approve and build out custom digital treatment. You can even preview how your teeth will straighten. 

Step 2. Align

Smilelove is also creating the aligner trays. The user can wear each aligner for two weeks after that you can move the next set of the tray. The individuals need must note that the duration of the treatment varies from time to time. 

Step 3. Shine

In the step3, Smilelove includes free retainers. They even include free retainers with your treatment as well. Just put your best smile always upon your face. 

All-in-One Bundle

By owing the all-in-one bundle, everything that is needed for your smilelove treatment is mailed right to your porch. This bundle loaded with different types of aligners such as Clear aligners, Aligner carrying case, Tray spray, Post-treatment retainers, Lip balm, and Premium whitening. 

Featured Items of Smilelove     

  1. Fast-Track Bundle
  2. Impression Kit
  3. Whitening LED Light Kit 
  4. Retainers
  5. Tray Spray

Pricing of Smilelove Products

You need to pay $1,495 for a fast-track bundle, 79$ for impression kit, 79.99 for whitening kit with LED light, 99$ for Retainers and 12.95 for Tray spray. At smilelove, A user can pay in two ways. A one-time payment is priced at $1495 and $62 for a monthly plan.