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Story Bikes Review – The Best Elecric Bikes For Local Adventure

If you think that Story Electric Bike is like Moped, then you are wrong.  Electric Bike is like regular bicycles but has a motor and battery system on board. You need to paddle for a while, and once the engine cuts out, you get a smooth ride. Many other brands are offering electric bike at the best price. But before going anywhere, make sure you look at the price and features you get from Story Bikes.

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Once you have a look at it, you will surely find the difference. We all look at a few things before we take any decision in purchasing e-bikes. The most crucial factor that comes in mind before buying is the quality frame, functional brakes, suspension, etc.

Story Bike makes it possible for you to get the best electric bicycles at a much lower price than usual. You get the top-notch features. If you are skeptical about the product, you can look for a test ride. Story Bike also takes the help of World Bicycle Relief to donate bikes to entrepreneurs, health care, workers, farmers, and students.

Let us see What Story Bike Are and What Features Does It Offers

Story Bikes is here to bring a Dutch-style step through e-bike. It has six different levels of pedal assist which can extend to a range of 45 miles. The price for Electric Story bike is just $1895.  You will get an integrated rear rack, leather saddle and grips with Story Bikes. Moreover, you get a USB port to charge your phone as you ride.

Story Bikes Review

All the bike work best for Trek and it also perfectly fit on-the-go lifestyle. Being in the industry for a long time, the brand ensures that you get something which is highly rich in design and you also get premium parts to make sure that your bicycle lasts long.

Story Bike Features

  • The Motor comes with 250 to 350 Watt which is best in the industry
  • You get Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
  • With the LCD you can know the speed and about your battery
  • Easy to maintain and travel places

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You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook to get the latest updates and information regarding the product. If you are looking for a better range and wind resistance bike, Story Bike is the best for you. The company help you in getting the higher tech batteries that are lighter, charge quickly and last long. The company goal is to help get more people on bikes and make sure it helps those who need it. The best part is on every Story Electric bike being sold; one Buffalo bike gets donated.

Story Bike Product

You get five different product with Story bike which includes Story Electric Step through Bike, Story Electric Road Bike, Story Electric Commuter Bike. You can also look for Cleanup Baseball Hat and Bicycle Hand Woven Wicker Basket for City Commuter. Performance Bike Story Bike is the best way to increase mobility and productivity. It is also considered as the best way to improve livelihood and community.