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Supermetrics Review – The Best Tool For Marketing Metrics

Online marketers always look out for data interpretation to get their statistics right.  It is essential to analyze the performance of the online business because it helps you in knowing how your company is operating. As a human being, it is not easy to analyze data, interpret them and get a resolution at the same time. Even if you have the capability and skills to visualize and understand the business reporting, you can imagine the time you need to spend while executing the task.

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No matter how big your business is, people assigned to the given task will always find difficulty in maintaining proper report within a given period. One of the examples of the tool for comparing your data analysis is Google analytics. But, does it really help you to track, analyze and dispute essential information? Or does it help you to monitor the condition of the business, department or specific process? Hell NO!

At times like this, an entrepreneur or solopreneur faces difficulty with the abundance of data from different platforms. It is also a considerable problem to compare each data and interpret.  To this, Supermetrics with its excellent features offers the best support and satisfaction to both small and large scale online industry.

Supermetrics are a tool which helps all the digital marketers to get PPC, analytics, SEO and social data in one place. The software provides all your metrics and indicators in a centralized and feasible location. Supermetrics aim to help marketers with the complex report and also save time.

By now, you must be thinking is it necessary to get your work done from software or a tool?

Well, if you are getting your work done in time, and knowing instantly about the health of the business in no time, I think that would be very useful for your business to grow. Other than spending hours in preparing excel report from Analytics, you get something which answers to your problems and knows about the pros and cons of the company.  

It is the best medium that helps with the ease of analysis. Now leave your data interpretation to the Supermetrics and focus on what you do best. Also, get your work done with a highly professional team who has extensive knowledge in providing an accurate report.

Why Supermetrics?

An online marketer may not find himself in the competition if he faces the irregularity of the data, reports, and graphs. To maintain one, it will be time-consuming and tedious. This is why we have Supermetrcis for you, which help companies to get access to their Analytics data quickly.

Supermetrics Review

It also integrates with important marketing platforms and assists with Multi-channel reporting. Now combine data across different advertising platforms with Supermetrics. Have a look at the pros and cons of Supermetrics.


Analyzing Data at one Place

We all know how important it is to analyze data to keep your business on the track. One wrong analysis and your whole business might suffer badly. To analyze, keep a record and also run your business at the same time can be a pain for you.  Also, online Data analysis is a must for the company to generate actionable insights. Supermetrics make it possible for an online business to get the various sources of data in one widget.

Easy the process of Marketing Platforms

The software helps the marketer to pull out the data from different marketing platforms such as Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Twitter Ads, etc. The software is the easiest way to find out the data of different account linked with the same channel. You can compare these channels and track progress based on the metrics for all the locations.

Isn’t it amazing? As an entrepreneur, we appreciate to get our things done in no time, and supermetrics is a flagship in running the online business smoothly.

Helps to collect marketing platform data easily

Now think you have a various account associated with the same channel or platform. Now collecting data from each channel for a different account can be hectic. Supermetrics help you to get access to all the information with the sidebar tool.  You can analyze the marketing platform and compare them with a different account if you have any.

Accurate Reports    

It is necessary to keep accurate reports while running an online business. The report should be legit and proper which should not mislead you while interpreting your business strategy. You might make a mistake while recording or keeping a track on the report.

The same does not happen with Supermetrics. It provides you a genuine and accurate statement while comparing and analyzing. The tool also refreshes automatically to give the latest report. You can even get it done manually with a simple click.

PPC Channel data in the Same Place

Suppose your online business is booming, with the increase in online business, you will also expect your advertising platform and marketing channel to be increased. Now gather all the data from each platform and keeping their records in excel sheet separately will be a problem for you.

Daily, you need to update and check all the platforms to ensure a smooth run. Not only it will be time-consuming, but also you won’t be to deal with other work properly. Supermetrics with its Google Sheets Add-On feature and Data Studio Integration make sure you are on the right track. Without any errors, it brings in all the charts and data comparisons in one place.

Know About Your Spending

It is essential for a business to know about their daily spending on marketing channels and advertising platforms. Tracking regular Ads Spend for every client is impossible. Big companies use a tool like Supermetrics to ensure that their spending has been recorded promptly. Now compare your spending with your expected expenses with Supermetrics.

Automate Alerts and Set Your Performance

When you are keeping a record of your business performance, you might go wrong while keeping a track. Supermetrics makes it possible for you to set dashboard and automate alerts if you find something is going wrong. If there is an error from your end, Supermetrics will eliminate it by ensuring client satisfaction.


Take a few hours to understand the process

If you’re using for the first time, you might find it difficult to know about the metrics and understand other statistics correctly. It will take a few hours to get to know in and out information regarding Supermetrics.

A connecting account will consume little time

Combining different account in the dashboard can be a little hectic. But, once it’s done, the work will be comfortable and easy for you.

Features of Supermetrics

Supermetrics is the number one reporting tool for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics. You don’t have to install anything or embed a script. It saves your massive amount of time and effort on a daily basis.

Supermetrics help with data visualization and presentation. The information stored is readable and easy to understand. Supermetrics tool helps you to generate excel reports based on data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, and YouTube.

Products & Pricing

No wonder what price and product do Supermetrics offers? Well, let us dive into the product and pricing information. Also, we will review each product offered by Supermetrics. Supermetrics have two flagship products which are Supermetrics for Google Sheets or Google Drive & Supermetrics for Google Data Studio. You can also look for Supermetrics API, Supermetrics for Excel, Supermetrics for Uploader, Supermetrics for BigQuery.

Supermetrics for Google Sheet

If you want to report, monitor and analyze your online marketing metrics, then Supermetrics for Google Sheet is the best for you. Not only it pulls in the parameters into one place, but also automates manual work and save time. You do not have to copy/paste or import CSV files. The software work best with Google Analytics, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other marketing platforms.

Supermetrics for Google Sheet also help to customize the report and get the best value for money with Google sheet Starting at just $69, Supermetrics helps you to get any marketing platform or advertising campaign information at one place, and you can combine them with any dimensions and inspect them in any form you want.

Most of the users loved Supermetrics for Google Sheet for an automatic refresh which helps in generating the latest updates. Also, you can create your marketing reports in seconds with pre-built templates. You can also look for Super Pro at just $99 which will give you access to Adform, Double Click and Adobe Analytics. The best part is the 14-day trial where you can test the product, and if you do not find it reasonable enough, you can return it.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio

Imagine more than 20 different advertising platform and different sheet to keep their information. Gone are those days where you had to put all your marketing and advertising campaign in a separate sheet.

With the Supermetrics for Google Data Studio, you get to access all the data and visualize them in one single place. Just a simple click and know how your campaign is performing. The product will help you to connect to email marketing, social, analytics, SEO & PPC.

If you want to pull your marketing data and information at one place, Supermetrics for Google Data Studio is the best for you. You can also compare Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram & Bing Campaigns at one place with the help of Google Data Studio.

There are three different pricing plans offered by Supermetrics for Google Data Studio. This includes Individual Connector which starts at just $19/month.The pro pack comes at just $99/month, where you can compare the different advertising platform at one table or chart using Ad Data and Google Analytics Connector. 

The Super Pro is available at just $299 a month which includes all the data sources including Adobe Analytics, Adform & Double Click. You can also look for unlimited Ad account with super pro package. The best part is the 14-day trial, where you can test the product. If in case you don’t like it you can just delete your account.  Also, you do not have to give any credit card information.

Supermetrics API

If you are looking for the best way to feed your marketing data into BI tools and data warehouse, Supermetrics API is the best for you. The best part is it does not require any programming skills which make it easier for the marketer to use.

Supermetrics API makes it easier for you to connect with any data sources with an easy-to-use interface. With just a simple click, you can report, analyze, and store your marketing information in one place. You can inquire about the packages by providing them specific information related to your organization. The team will suggest you the best price accordingly.

Supermetrics for Excel

Well, Supermetrics have become the best medium to transform your manual work with the automated one. You need to import all your data into an Excel Spreadsheet to enjoy the best services it offers.

Supermetrics for Excel can process large data files with billions of cells.  You also get to leverage the powerful formula, tools, and data manipulation options in Excel. The Interface is designed in such a way that helps you in getting the marketing data with a few clicks. Also, you do not need any programming skills to get the information or pull out the data. The tool offers customized and flexible reporting. To get the data for each channel, different pricing options are available.

Usually, there are three different pricing options for Excel. Platforms like Google Adwords and Google Analytics will cost around $99 a month. Also, you will be limited with the data sources. If you are looking for the Super Pro package, it will cost you around $199/user/month. You will get introduced with other data sources which include AdRoll, Adform, Criteo, etc. The last one which is the Enterprise package includes all data sources and helps with multiple users or domain-wide license. For the pricing, you need to contact them by providing them specific information.

Supermetrics Uploader

Now automatically import data from different advertising campaign into Google Analytics. Supermetrics Uploader helps you to track your ROI on Google Analytics easily. You can easily compare your ad and have all the campaign in the same place.

The pricing starts at just $39 a month for each advertising channel which includes Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Yahoo Gemini. You will also get five daily uploads on each advertising channel

For 20 uploads you need to pay $79/month for each advertising channels. If you are looking for 200 uploads, then you need to pay $179 a month.

There is also different pricing range for CSV file which includes 100, 200 & 500 uploads. If you need the license for one year, you need to pay $99, $195 & $395 respectively.

Also, the best part is a 14-day trial period, and if you’re not satisfied with the product, you don’t have to pay anything.

Supermetrics Data Grabber for Excel

Supermetrics Data Grabber for Excel is the best way to streamline our client reporting and cut down the delivery time significantly.  It assists in providing flexibility and timely updates on analytics reports and trends. It also helps to pull the data, produce the report quickly and accurately every month.

Thousands of companies around the world trust the product provided by Supermetrics. Being the best tool to pull all the marketing metrics into Excel with ease, Supermetrics Data Grabber for Excel also help in customization of reports in any way we want.

There is a different price range for a separate module. The pricing range starts at just $19 and extends till $39. You can also go for the free trial for 14 days. If you think you’re not happy with the product, don’t process the payment option.

Supermetrics Functions

If you want to interpret marketing data with Excel and Google Sheets reports, then Supermetrics Functions is best for you. Designed for Skilled Spreadsheet users, Supermetrics Functions help with built-in spreadsheet functions like SUM or COUNT.

There are few benefits which includes

Reliable Sharing– Supermetrics Functions includes securely sharable of code in the workbook to others. This sharable workbook can help one to refresh the GA data and modify the queries.

Speed– The best part is you do not have to install any plug-in which usually slows down Excel.

You get the best functions as same as any built-in spreadsheet functions. Also, you don’t need any programming skills to operate the tool.

All the data sources are available at just $29.99 a month. You can also look for 14 days trial which will help you to test the product and get a brief idea. If you do not like the service, you can deactivate the service without paying anything.

Final Thought:

If you are looking out get the complete access and compile key data reports, Supermetrics is the best for you. It is the best medium to create reports for clients at a much more reasonable price than usual.

Overall, it is the best tool which one can use to generate excels reports based on data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, etc. Also, if you’re looking a way out to understand where your Ad money is spent, then make you get the Supermetrics products.