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The Optimizer Review – Boost Your Native And Direct Campaigns

Have you ever felt the absence of a tool that helps in optimization and automation for your campaign? As an online marketer, it is never easy for you to keep track of your marketing campaign. With the competition in the market, you need to be quick with your advertising and strategy plans.

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At a time like this, the Optimizer plays an essential role in managing and executing your native and organic ads. Not only it ensures that you get the best automation tool, but also it increases conversion and generates sales for you.  

Why The Optimizer?

The optimizer is one of the most significant players in the Optimization and Automation industry. The tool helps to boost your growth across Native and Pop/Direct Traffic. We will discuss how Optimizer assists you in growing native and direct traffic.  

What are Native Ads?

Native ads are one of the most popular types of advertisement which matches the form and function of the media where it appears. With the competition in organic traffic, most of the online marketer has chosen Native Ads as it fills the gap between brand publishing and banner ads.

Native Ads Features

  • They offer more engagement and higher conversions
  • All the Ads builds relevancy with the website
  • It empowers the customer by letting them know about the offers and tools available

How does The Optimizer Native Boost Conversions and Sales?

The tool ensures that you get the accurate analysis of your native campaign which will keep your marketing strategy on track. You get the best API integration which automatically import/export data from one platform to another. You can also make your own decisions in your optimization by regulating campaign level rules, widget level rules, creative level rules, and Bid/budget rules.

The Optimizer Review

The Optimizer Native Features

  • You can create ad combination to multiple sources with one click
  • Preview and upload up to 25 different content variations with a single click
  • You can also manage your track landers easily with the tool

The Optimizer Native Pricing and Plans

There are three different plans which come with The Optimizer Native. This includes Native Starter, Native Pro and Native Master. Native Starter will cost you $199 every month, the native pro will be $399 per month, and Native Master will charge you around $699/monthly. You can also look for the trial option, and if you are not satisfied with the service, you can search for money back guarantee.

What do you get with The Optimizer Native?

  • You will get unlimited smart lists and bulk content uploader for your campaign
  • The tool will make sure you get the performance report and endless smart lists
  • You get unlimited Traffic network accounts and unlimited tracking platform accounts.

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The Optimizer Mobile

What are Mobile Ads?

Mobile Ads is one of the best marketing strategies which aims to reach the targeted audience on smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. With the optimizer mobile, you get something which helps you create a hassle-free optimization which is based on accurate campaign analytics.

The Optimizer Mobile Features

  • You get to manage campaign budget easily
  • You will get accurate analytics where you can keep track of your cost and revenue on campaign publisher
  • You can also execute bids which keep track of every automatic and manual action performed.
  • You do not have to keep any maintenance for the campaign as The Optimizer Mobile will take care of it.

The Optimizer Mobile Plans and Price

There are three different plans which you get with the Optimizer Mobile. This includes Mobile Starter, Mobile Pro and Mobile Master. The mobile Starter will charge you around $99 a month, the Mobile Pro will be $199 a month, and the Mobile Master will come at just $299 a month.