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The Original ScrapBox Review | Creative Designs For More Organized Life!

The Original ScrapBox is famous for its functional home furnishings. Their products are extremely long lasting and durable, in addition to looking stunning. They have special hideaways and creation stations that are perfect for arts and crafts storage. They offer you the organization tools so that you can create freely. About two years ago Teresa Collins, a leading designer in the industry joined The Original ScrapBox. Their collaboration resulted in the now famous workbox which is a comprehensive and extremely space conscious organization solution for people in the craft industry. It fits a wide variety of items and their containers into a tiny footprint that can fit into any house at any place they desire. Save Money Now – Use The Original ScrapBox Coupons to Save!

It can contain all the crafts supplies that a professional might ever need including machinery and supplies. Recently their products have become so popular that they have to work around the clock to restock their shelves. They do all this without compromising the quality of the products and give each of them the proper care and attention that they need. To prove this point, they offer a one year warranty on every single one of their products from the date of the purchase. With the great discounts, deals, offers, The Original ScrapBox Coupons and promo codes you can satisfy your storage needs at dirt cheap prices. Save money now on furniture with Wayfair Coupons.


  • Sewing Box
  • Minibox
  • Studio Tower
  • Workbox 2.0

Sewing Box

$100 off on price

The Original ScrapBox strives to provide originality and ingenuity in every single one of their products. The Sewing Box is no exception to this. It is a workstation, sewing table and an amazing storage solution for all your craft supplies. When closed it looks like an elegant piece of unassuming furniture, but it can unfold and expand into everything mentioned above. It is surprising how much equipment and supplies can be stored in such a tiny space. It contains a foldout work table, a space for a slide out spewing machine in the middle, and a drop-down back. It contains six shelves with fabric totes, an area with a Velcro door panel and a desk drawer in the center. In conjunction with the great discounts, deals, offers, The Original ScrapBox Coupons and promo codes having your own perfect sewing station could not come at cheaper prices.


Minibox starting as low as $945

The Minibox is another great crafting station alternative. Just like the sewing box, it is also foldable and has a really small footprint when folded. When opened it becomes a fully-fledged crafting station worthy of the masters. The best part is the entire station is supported on wheels and can be moved anywhere. It can even be used as a companion with the Workbox for additional storage and organization needs. There are 40 shelves available with 40 clear plastic front canvas bags for storage. It also comes with a blackboard and a white magnetic board. They also have a knotty alder work table of 37” x 32”. Including the discounts, deals, offers, The Original ScrapBox Coupons and promo codes, the price of the Minibox is so low, that you cannot afford to lose such a great opportunity. Also check Society6 Coupons for better savings on furniture.

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Studio Tower

Free shipping on orders

The Studio Tower comes in two shades, white and black. It has four sides and all four sides are usable to store your crafting supplies. The first side has waterfall shelving. 15 paper slots are provided, each of which can be used to hold files or magazines as well. The second side offers vertically adjustable shelving in which you can store taller items such as spray glues, paint cans, large bottles and short containers. Side three provides fixed built-in shelving while the fourth side has extremely deep storage and vertically adjustable shelving. When bought with the available discounts, deals, offers, The Original ScrapBox Coupons and promo codes the Studio Tower provides great value for money that you won’t find anywhere else. Check Office Depot Coupons for huge savings on office furniture.

Workbox 2.0

Workbox starting as low as $1295

The Workbox can be thought of as a combination of all the above, providing a huge amount of real estate for all your organization and crafting needs. It has four shelves that can store all the crafting material you might ever require, a foldable table that acts as your workbench and space for your machinery as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the shipping costs for the Workbox 2.0?

The average rate of shipping will be somewhere between $175 and $300 per pallet. If you order from Hawaii or Alaska the price will rise to somewhere between $500 and $650 for the same. Even Canadian customers may order, but the shipping costs may be large due to customs.

What should I do if the shipment is damaged?

If your shipment arrives damaged immediately make a note of this with the delivery guy. Next, take full coverage pictures and detailed description of the damage and email it to The Original ScrapBox’s customer service wing. They offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty on every single product and can repair/replace it for you. If the time period for the warranty has passed parts/shipping charges will apply.