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Thrive Themes Review – The Best Themes & Plugins For WP

Thrive Themes’ unique selling proposition is the fact that it guarantees a certain number of conversions per unit time. Conversion means the transformation from visitors to sales, fans or subscribers. All of Thrive Themes’ themes are built to work blazingly fast, to be conversion optimized and to be user-friendly and highly readable. They offer several categories of products with Thrive Themes Discount such as Thrive Themes which are the conversion-focused themes, Thrive Leads – which is a mailing list building tool, an intuitive content builder, customizable landing pages, clever widgets, and a headline optimizer along with the Thrive Ultimatum – a scarcity marketing tool. All of these are targeted at WordPress. 

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Please note that for all of these to work, your web hosting provider needs to ensure that it supports WordPress with the appropriate platforms and tools. With the great amounts of Thrive Themes Discount, deals, offers, coupons, and promo codes you can get all of the services for a cheaper rate.

Why Thrive Themes is The Best?

Now easy to understand the purpose of Thrive Themes by following below categories. And choose suitable themes and plugins with Thrive Themes Discount to have the special offer.


  • WordPress Themes and Thrive Ultimatum
  • Content Builder and Landing Pages
  • Widgets and Templates
  • Thrive Leads and Headline Optimizer

WordPress Themes and Thrive Ultimatum

Up to $100 off on Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Themes does not believe in gimmicks and flashy websites. Their websites are still beautiful and elegant but their primary focus is the conversion of visitors to sales. Thus these themes are built for fast loading times and speed. They are highly readable and engage the user. The Thrive Page Generator is an immensely fast tool to go from a template to a fully customized web page of any kind. Every single feature is customizable. They have several landing page templates that remove all the distractions from the user and focus solely on conversion. This is perfect for sales pages. Every single page that they design is scalable and responsive on mobile platforms. There are constant updates and improvements on their products that you can directly receive.

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They have also replaced plug-ins which might slow down a website with built-in features instead. They also provide several hours of tutorials, training, and support. The Thrive Ultimatum is a scarcity marketing tool that preys on the fear of missing out of visitors to convert their visits to sales. It does so by running limited time offers, letting you manage your scarcity campaigns and creating several such campaigns cascading to form evergreen campaigns that provide a permanent boost to your sales. In conjunction with a large number of sales, Thrive Themes Discount, offers, deals, coupons and promo codes opting for the perfect theme for your website has never been more cost-effective.

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Content Builder and Landing Pages

25% discount on annual membership

The content builder is a simple and effective click to edit front-end builder for your web pages. It allows you to simply drag and drop the features that you need and is still conversion focus by the inclusion of conversion boosting buttons, social media elements, content reveals elements, etc. Landing pages are perfect for opt-in pages and sales pages. They remove the distractions such as sidebars and widgets from the user’s view and let the user focus solely on the objective of the page. With the great deals, discounts, offers, promos and coupon codes building your favorite website has never been cheaper.

Widgets and Templates

Clever Widgets for only $39

Thrive Themes provides clever widgets that are specially designed to only appear on your site where you want them to appear and with the relevant information. Their display settings are exactly the same as for Thrive Leads, providing a smooth learning curve. Due to the advent of a great number of deals, discounts, offers, coupons and promo codes using any of these features can be much more cost-effective.

Thrive Leads and Headline Optimizer

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Thrive Leads helps you build effective mailing lists via advanced targeting, A/B testing, and actionable reporting. This helps you build conversion boosting forms. The Headline Optimizer helps you create the best possible headlines for your posts since the headlines are the primary factor that helps make or break your post.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the Thrive Themes Refund Policy?

Thrive Themes has a 30-day money back guarantee that provides you a refund if your product was purchased within the last 30 days. Note, however, that it might take them 48 hours to process your refund. All you need to do is simply raise a ticket at the support desk.

Does Thrive Themes Support PayPal?

Yes, at Thrive Themes on your payments go through PayPal. This means even if you’re paying via a credit card, you can still register at PayPal and use your card instead of your PayPal balance.