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TireBuyer Review | Best Store To Buy Tires & Wheels

Are you looking for a wheel and tire shop that always has a huge range of tires and wheels in stock no matter what time you check in at? A shop, which you can easily access from anywhere? A shop that lets you get heavily discounted prices and has so many special offers that you are spoilt for choice? You get all this and more only with TireBuyer. Cut Your Shopping Bill In Half With TireBuyer Coupons.

Here, one can get tires shipped within 2 days of ordering. There are many tools and features to help you find the exact fit for your vehicle. You can also get educated about tires and their dynamics for completely free only at TireBuyer. All in all, this website is a comprehensive solution for all your wheel and tire needs.


  • Newsletter Subscription Offer
  • Friend Referral System
  • Rebates

For More Savings Check These

Newsletter Subscription Offer

Subscribe to the TireBuyer newsletter and save $20 instantly!

The TireBuyer newsletter is a perfect way to keep up with and get notified of all the latest tire news, deals, promotions and more. Not only this, you can also get $20 off instantly by signing up for the newsletter. To sign up, you don’t even have to fill a long form or something like that. You simply give your e-mail address and get a coupon code sent to your e-mail. To use this coupon code, simply enter it before checkout. Note that this code can only be used on your first order of four tires. We certify the authenticity of this deal and many others that you can find exclusively on this website. Also  check Pep Boys Coupons 2018 for better savings on vehicle auto parts.

Friend Referral System

Refer a friend and get $25 off!

The friend referral system at TireBuyer allows you to save more and shop more by referring TireBuyer to all your friends. You can earn money from referrals via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest. Once you use this, you get $25 off on a set of four tires. The friend to whom you refer TireBuyer also gets $25 off on a set of four tires. So, this is basically a win-win situation. To use this, simply click on the refer a friend link at the TireBuyer website. Find more latest promo codes, TireBuyer Coupons, deals, discounts and exclusive offers to craft an impeccable shopping experience only at this website. If are looking to save more on your budget then check the offers on Clothing & AccessoriesHair Care Coupons and Jewelry Coupons.


Get up $70 rebate on a set of four Goodyear tires!

When it comes to tires, one name synonymous with high quality is Goodyear. At the TireBuyer online tire and wheel retail store, you can now get an assured rebate on all sets of four Goodyear tires. Accessing this rebate is as simple as clicking on a button that points to the page with valid rebates. These rebates are of the “mail-in” type, which means that as soon as you purchase a set of tires, you get a VISA prepaid card worth $40. So, go ahead and choose from a huge range of tires suited for different situations. Many more authentic deals, discounts, promos, TireBuyer Coupons and special offers are waiting for you to use them only at this website. Use a Variety of TireBuyer Coupons to Cut Your Bill in Half. Check Jenson USA Coupons for better savings on cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different payment options at TireBuyer? Can I pay using PayPal?

TireBuyer makes shopping convenient and therefore gives you many different payment options. These are:

  • VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards
  • PayPal

What is the return policy at TireBuyer?

TireBuyer believes in satisfying its customers. It lets you return products bought for up to 45 days from the day of purchase. Returning items is completely free. However, the product(s) being returned must all be at the same location as the original shipping address.

Products also cannot be returned if they are used off road, altered, misused or if they have uneven wear or a difference of 2/32″ between the grooves.To initialize the return process, you can use the online return form provided at the TireBuyer website or call customer service at (866) 961-8668.