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TOMS Review | A Complete Store for All Your Luxury Needs

TOMS is an online fashion shopping portal that brings revolutionary footwear and apparels at your reach. They are your personal guide for helping you to embellish your fashion. TOMS provides a huge collection of fashionable items at one place. Their breathtaking collection of items will surely leave you awestruck. With numerous varieties of stylish apparels, shoes, eye wear, backpacks, TOMS is a great place to spend your time. Saunter through their hordes of products and allow your creative mind to reinvent your fashion sense. But diversity isn’t their biggest asset. Their greatest aspect rests within their offers and prices as they have brought forth a collection of several deals and discounts at your convenience. Now shop according to your heart’s content and satisfy your fashion needs within your limited budget. Aside from that, you can make use of promo codes and Toms Coupons for extra discounts. Another great aspect of TOMS, worth mentioning is their tremendous work regarding charitable purposes. So now you can take the benefits of shopping as well as help those in needs.


  • Shoes for Men and Women
  • Wedges and Wedge Booties
  • Eyewear
  • Ballet and Jutti Flats
  • Nepal and Rain Boots
  • Sandals and Slippers
  • Baby Shoes
  • Wedding Shoes

Shoes for Men and Women

10% off on your first order

Fashion is a big part of our life and its frequent changes are bringing latest creations at our feet. From stylish clothes to swanky shoes, all are getting better with fashion’s revolutionary modernization. Thus, with a whole new range of stylish shoes, TOMS brings their delightful collections to us. Now enjoy a whole new world of stylish and amazing shoes with TOMS being your ultimate guide.

Shoes, like clothes, have different varieties and options as well. There are shoes available for various occasions and purposes. At TOMS, your eyes will be able to catch most of these varieties and you will rejoice at their immense collection of fashionable shoes. However, getting the perfect shoes for yourself can be quite difficult especially when you are making an online purchase. Therefore, TOMS has cleverly categorized their collections in a profound way for better user experience. Lots of options and filters are available. Just check the ones you may need and you are ready to dive into the sea of collections. You can buy shoes for both men and women and both the separations being separate, you will be able to have an easy and comfortable browsing experience.

Men’s shoes as low as $36

Having such huge range of collections mean nothing if the price tags are nonsensical. That is why TOMS backs their collection with astounding deals and unbelievable discounts. Select the best style and satisfy your fashion self at the best prices. With amazing deals and discounts, colorize your fashion side with worlds of stylish and designer shoes. Go to the website and there, you can smoothly browse through their immense collection of stylish shoes for yourself. You can choose your style and get rewarded with irresistible offers. Men’s shoes starting from as low as $36. Apart from that, you can sort products according to size, price, features, colors, and even material. Get comfortable fits for yourself at a price that you cannot resist. Additionally, you can apply Toms Coupons and promo codes to add even greater discounts to your purchases.

Up to 20% off on women’s shoes

TOMS’ collection is much more than only men’s shoes. By availing a tremendous collection of shoes for women, TOMS has truly made their impact on the online fashion market. With the latest collection of products, TOMS has caught the attention of people throughout the world. Such large collection of products is enough to satisfy all of your needs and purposes. You can find more than you can imagine. So let your imagination take some rest as now you can visually appreciate the collections of TOMS. Shoes for different needs are right in front of your eyes.

Cool and swanky shoes are available at large to complete the charming look of any woman. Just dig through loads of varieties and select the one that befits your likings the most. Just like men’s section several options are available to search for the right products efficiently. Shoes for women are also available at great prices as TOMS has set them quite carefully. You can go as low as $35 and as high as $139. This enables you to enjoy their collections as well as gives you hope to buy better products. So enjoy the discounts and get ready to mesmerize everyone by your swanky shoes from TOMS. In addition to that, each of their shoes is well built and thus, ensures durability and high-class quality. If you are fixated upon buying the perfect pair of shoes, then TOMS is your best guide out there. Also Check  Aldo Coupons for more offers on shoes.

Wedges and Wedge Booties

Women’s wedges starting from $59.25

Along with different varieties of shoes come different varieties of wedges. The beautiful and ordered collection of fashionable wedges at TOMS is really astounding. The sensational style of wedges and wedge booties can truly enamor people’s attention. The classic design of this footwear is very popular and well-established among women. These are the perfect shoes to flaunt their style to everyone. Wear them during a celebration or wear them every time, wedges are the type of footwear that can handle every situation without fail. Plus, with tremendous comfort and compatibility, these are the shoes women can easily fall for. Aside from that, numerous discounts and deals are available at your ease. You can also use Toms Coupons and promo codes to make your purchase easier.


Up to 50% off on accessories

TOMS again surprises us with their enormous collection of fashionable products. It is a complete stop for fashion. Being one of the most versatile destination of fashion, TOMS has expanded their collection with cool sunglasses. Sunglasses can protect your eye on a warm sunny day. Apart from that, Sunglasses can also make someone look cool. These items are quite versatile themselves and provide both eye protection and style. With the diversities on sunglass types, it is no wonder that sunglasses are among the most purchased items in the market. Different styles of sunglasses are available at TOMS. You can choose any style you want or you can choose them according to your clothing styles. With up to date collections of sunglasses, you won’t find any issue in purchasing the perfect fit for yourself. Besides, sunglasses are available for both men and women. Just choose your section and get ready to indulge yourself into the latest collection of sunglasses made available to you by TOMS.

Special discounts on polarized eyewear

The eyewear coupons section showcases all the categories regarding the structure of sunglasses you would like. You can get Polarized, Round, Square and even Pilot sunglasses for yourself. Choose any of them according to your mood and style and you will get them at great discounts. Apart from that, there are several other options that can help you to buy the perfect sunglass for yourself. There are hordes of cool and swanky sunglasses available at TOMS. People have different tastes and different styles and thus, TOMS brings varieties of designs to satisfy people’s desire. Plus, TOMS provides better offers and discounts to make your purchase budget-friendly and this is no doubt one of their best facets. With eye-catching sunglasses being available at an affordable price, it is really hard to keep your excitement down. Plus, you have the option to utilize promo codes and Toms Coupons to redeem even better deals for your item.

Ballet and Jutti Flats

Free shipping on orders above $55

Flats are amazing for their diversity and they work very well with any combination and style. The beauty of this generic but well-designed flats is quite enticing and can add a cool sense of style to the overall look of a woman. At TOMS, however, the collection of such flats are revisited in an epic way to showcase the true beauty of these gallant footwear for women. Find amazing designs and get astonished by their quality as you can get beautiful ballet flats and jutti flats at a jaw-dropping price from TOMS. Just go forward into the section of shoes or make a direct search. Stylish ballet flats start from just $36, whereas Jutti flats are relatively higher in the price range but are available beginning from $84. Apart from their affordability, they also support Toms Coupons and promo codes to help you even further regarding your shopping.

Nepal and Rain Boots

At TOMS, finding the shoes for your needs is not really a difficult task. With so many products on their stock, you won’t have much difficulty in looking for the product you want. If you are unable to browse through the categories then a direct search will do your job fluently. Rain boots are not categorized separately in their section of shoes, however by doing a direct search you can find hordes of boots for yourself. TOMS’ collection of boots never ceases to amaze people. With a little bit of effort and search, you may even find the rarest of shoes from here as well. In addition to their wide versatile collection of shoes, you are getting ludicrous offers that will brighten up any dark spot present in your mind. So grab your rain boots and get ready to travel the rainy journey with a sunny mind.

Sandals and Slippers

Sandals can be regarded as the universal footwear. It is a type of footwear that can be worn for almost any purposes. Its style is represented in such a way that it is suitable for most outfits and most occasions. You can wear them anytime without looking blunt. They can even be worn on corporate events, casual parties and are compatible with ethnic wears as well. Because of their all-round usability, they are quite famous among women. Thus, TOMS houses varieties of sandals for every event. In addition to diversity, TOMS offers incredible discounts on several of their products. With sandal’s affordable price along with TOMS’ added discounts buying sandals have become quite interesting. Plus, there are collections beyond our counting capabilities and along with that, each of the sandals retains their class and quality. Several types of sandals are available to purchase. Choose your favorite style and flaunt your flair with complete freedom. At TOMS, you can always find sandals below $50. The low price doesn’t always come with a low quality as at TOMS, quality and affordability come together. So let your worries drain out and buy your sandals only from TOMS. If are looking to save more on your budget then check the offers on Beauty CouponsClothing & Accessories and Shopping Coupons.

Slippers and flip-flops from $25

Apart from sandals, you can find stylish slippers from TOMS as well. TOMS specializes in offering shoes of different varieties and purposes as mentioned earlier and thus, their collection stocks numerous slippers for both men and women. The comfortable and lightweight slippers are a good alternative for sandals in terms of offering usage and compatibility. Slippers are extremely comfortable and can be worn daily. Although they do not suit in corporate events or with ethnic wear, this footwear is great for any casual events. One can wear them all the time without feeling much discomfort and they are great for traversing the neighborhood casually.

Slippers are designed to offer more comfort to the feet. However, modern fashion has changed the aspect of almost everything and thus, slippers have also been the part of the change, but retaining their classic design and style. These inexpensive shoes are really useful for day to day works and at TOMS, you can find a versatile collection of slippers for your comfort that can be used in almost any places. So choose your slipper and let TOMS guide you through the rest. Plus, you can utilize coupons and promo codes to avail even better deals on your purchases.

Baby Shoes

Kids’ new arrival collections

Diversity is one of TOMS’ biggest aspect. There are loads of footwear available for everyone. The children’s section offers cute and comfortable shoes for young kids, toddlers, and even little babies. Get astounding variations in style and design and choose the shoe that fits your kid’s feet. Fashion has become trendy and modern with the latest innovations and the emergence of new technologies. Thus, TOMS brings stylish shoes for your children that are not only cool looking but also offers extended quality and comfort to the feet of your children. Now enchant their charm by adding stylish footwear to their collection of gifts.

There are so many cool designs that you can browse. Just browsing their collection will awestruck you. Baby shoes are available for purchase. You can choose to browse products based upon your choices much like all men’s and women’s section. Lots of different options are available and you can choose varieties of shoes for your babies and kids. Size is important and thus, you can choose to view shoes based on their sizes. If the style you want is available just select the style and add them to your bag before it goes out of their stock. You can make a direct search to browse shoes for babies as well.

Kids’ slip ons from $24

Get Classic Alpargatas, Slip-Ons, Sneakers, Dress Shoes, Boots, Crib Shoes, and Sandals for your babies and kids. Choose your sub-category and enter into their world of vast collections. Apart from them, you can check on the Exclusives to see the exclusive shoes available at TOMS for kids. Along with that, you may want to check the latest shoes and best sellers to get the best deal available for you. But ultimately, everything comes down to the price. TOMS provides reasonable pricings to each of their products and makes them available to common people without much of a trouble. Keeping that aside, TOMS also provide deals and offers on a regular basis to make shopping even more exciting and entertaining.

Wedding Shoes

Special wedding collection shoes on sale

TOMS houses a special collection of shoes for the most important day of a woman’s life. Their collection is perfect for a bride ready to start a new life. TOMS holds shoes for every need and occasion as mentioned before and thus you can get a look at their collection of shoes specially designed for celebration and ceremonial purposes. Get numerous styles of wedding shoes for women here. The innate beauty and quality of these shoes will surely add more charm and comfort to the gentle feet of any woman while she is taking a walk down the aisle. It adds more glamor to the beauty of their true being and makes their day memorable above everything else. Let TOMS be your guide and allow yourself to be driven by the mesmeric collection of these incredible shoes. Plus, you are getting an added discount to most of their shoes and thus your shopping too becomes as memorable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What forms of Payment does TOMS accept?

TOMS.com accepts payments from all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover as well as direct payment from PayPal. However, they do not accept payments via check or cash.

Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

Once an order is placed at TOMS, they do their best to process the order as soon as they receive them. As the process of shipping starts at an early stage, it is not possible to cancel the order once it has been placed. However, you can return the product if you do not wish to use them. Once you return your item back to TOMS, they will refund your payment within a few business days.

What is TOMS return policy?

If you are a customer living within the boundaries of United States of America, you will be able to return your unused product within 60 days of your order date without paying any extra shipping charges. The same rule applies to the customers outside of US. However, you will have to return the item at your own cost.