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Under Armour Review | Best Store For Sports & Casual Apparel

Under Armour sells sports and casual apparel and accessories. You can find Under Armour stores all over the USA and in Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom too. Moreover, shops from over 27 countries in the world retail Under Armour clothes and shoes, making it one of the biggest sports brands in the world.  You can also order online from over 150 countries all over the world. Golf shoes, hoodies, football cleats, batting gloves, basketball shoes, football gloves; the list of sports accessories from Under Armour simply goes on and on. Time to save money on your expenses with Under Armour Coupons 2018.

Under Armour also has many patented clothing technologies like CoolSwitch and HeatGear. These technologies are a result of extensive research and a passion to innovate, both of which Under Armour has in abundance. The name Under Armour is synonymous with comfort, durability and incredible aesthetics. It also features many different collections like the Stephen Curry collection and the Star Wars collection.


  • Tips for new users
  • Under Armour outlet
  • Sports accessories
  • Special/Limited Collections
  • More deals, discounts and technologies

Tips for new Users

Get free shipping on orders above $49!

Under Armour are the world’s leading sports accessories and apparel manufacturer. You can avail of free standard shipping on Under Armour simply by ordering items with a cumulative value of $49 or greater all over the USA. If you are living in another country and want to order a product from Under Armour to your address over there and yet access free shipping, all you have to do is check the top panel on the website. There, you’ll find the specific price for your country, crossing which you can have your order shipped free.

Under Armour  Coupons

Check out new arrivals and gear spotlight!

The latest designs and additions from Under Armour are available right here on the website and in retail stores. You can be synchronised with all the fashion trends. You can also find amazing new collections. The gear spotlight highlights gear collections, which are currently popular and are hot picks. So what are you waiting for? Check out the latest and greatest apparel only on Under Armour. For more tips, deals, codes, promos, offers and website, keep browsing on this website.

Install Under Armour Apps on your mobile devices

Not only fitness apparel, Under Armour also provides fitness applications. These can serve to be the perfect complement to your fitness apparel from Under Armour. The UA record application provides an intuitive dashboard for tracking your activity 24/7. It also allows you to conquer challenges and form workouts for yourself. There is also a huge community using the UA record application, making sure you aren’t going to lack for inspiration. The MapMyFitness application does exactly as the name says. It maps all your physical fitness activities. The Endomondo application is similar but is made specifically for running. The MyFitnessPal application from Under Armour provides a nutrition planning system. Under Armour seeks to make sure with these applications that you achieve your personal fitness goals. Check them out on the iOS and Android app stores.

Under Armour Outlet

Exclusive discounts only at Under Armour Outlet

Under Armour Outlet offers items at discounted prices. You can find UA branded soccer shorts, underwear, T-shirts, golf shoes, basketball shoes and much more only at Under Armor Outlet. To access Outlet and the discounts it offers, you have to click on the Outlet button on the top menu when shopping online. This loads the Outlet page where you can find discounted rates on all products. Make shopping happier and more pocket-friendly by using these offers. Find many more offers, Under Armour coupons, deals and promos only on this website.

Get over 25% off on women’s outerwear!

Under Armour outlet is the one place where you can find top quality women’s outerwear at discounts you can only dream of. From running to skiing/snowboarding to storm wear, if you are a woman looking to rough it out, UA Outlet is the best possible start for you. With outrageously low pricing due to delightful and dazzling discounts, it is an endearing choice. Find huge collections right now only at Under Armour. We have tested and verified this offer for all shoppers’ comfort. Get to know more promos, deals, tips and offers only on this website.

Get 23%+ on Men’s & Boy’s HeatGear Armour products!

HeatGear Armour is an innovation from Under Armour set to transform summer and hot-weather clothing. Clothes made using this technology allow you to stay light and dry. No more sticky shirts under your jersey. Stay Cool and do more. At Under Armour’s Outlet, you can avail of a minimum discount of 23% on all boy’s & men’s HeatGear Armour products. Football leggings, Baselayer leggings, T-shirts & shorts made using this wonderfully comfortable technology can now be bought at discounted prices only at UA Outlet. We have made sure that this offer is legitimate for the convenience and happiness of shoppers. Find for yourself many more tips and tricks, offers, deals and promos.

Sports Accessories

Find featured golf accessories only at Under Armour!

Golf shoes, Sweater Fleeces, Golf kits and Golf polos are just some of the many golf products and accessories available at Under Armour. As Phil Mickelson said, “The object of golf is not just to win. It is to play like a gentleman, and win.” This gentlemanly sport of skill and dexterity deserves the highest quality accessories. This is where Under Armour comes in. To find golf accessories unsurpassable in quality, look no further than Under Armour. The best ones are usually the ones in the spotlight. Check out the golf gear spotlight for featured golf shoes, vented pants, ¼ zips and more outerwear.

Get 24% and more off on select Under Armour women’s running shoes!

Women’s running shoes at Under Armour are designed ergonomically and aesthetically with comfort and speed in mind. With shoes bought from here, you will feel like you are floating by. They are that light, and yet are both durable and comfortable. Moreover, select women’s running shoes have a minimum discount of 24% on them. To avail of this discount, all you have to do is search for a particular shoe in question, which has a valid discount and simply place an order on the website. So, go ahead and check these awesome shoes out. To make your shopping happier and better, keep browsing on this website. Use Under Armour Coupons 2018 for more savings on womens shoes.

Find discounts of up to 36% only on select men’s basketball shoes!

Under Armour is undoubtedly one the best basketball shoemaker all over the world. Even Stephen Curry, the 2015 and the 2016 NBA regular season MVP endorses this brand.  With a player of such repute using these shoes to do what he does best, basketball shoes from Under Armour are indisputably awesome. Period. Wait, you can now also find up to 36% discounts on these shoes. Therefore, you get awesomeness at awesome pricing now. If you are a basketball enthusiast, casual player or a professional basketballer, these shoes are for you. Check them out at your nearest Under Armour store or on the website. This discount has been checked and verified by our website. More offers, Under Armour coupons, deals, codes and promos can be found only here.

Find college fan gear only on Under Armour!

Following collegiate sporting events in the US? Then, this place is just for you. When you press the sports button on the Under Armour website, you find a collegiate button. This button takes you to a page, which offers a complete roster of colleges outfitted by this innovative brand. Clicking on a college you are a fan of leads you to a page where all their sports jerseys and college T-shirts are available for purchase. On select products, you can also avail of a 25% discount. Sizes ranging from infant to XXL-normal are available for both genders. Discover more offers, deals, coupon codes and promos exclusively on this web site.

Special/Limited Collections

Men’s SC30 collection

The SC30 collection is an assortment of casual and sports apparel, shoes and other accessories. Named after the 2014-15 & 2015-16 NBA’s Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry, T-shirts featuring prints and nicknames of the player, hoodies, basketball shorts and pants and basketball shoes are some of the products that make up the SC30 collection. This collection is especially recommended to shoppers who are also fans of Stephen Curry. There are also up to 40% discounts on many select products featured in this collection. Find out more at Under Armour’s website and retail stores. For more shopping tips, codes, deals, Under Armour coupons and offers, keep browsing on this website.

Star Wars Collection

Fans of the popular epic space opera franchise Star Wars can find apparel featuring the saga at Under Armour. The collection consists of shirts and tops for men, women and kids. With shirts featuring Trooper compressions and Vader compressions, you can now fulfil your Star Wars fantasy of dressing up like your favorite characters. When proven innovative technologies and Star Wars combine to make clothes, the result is sure to be dazzling. Go ahead and check out the Star Wars collection at Under Armour.

Women’s UA Breakaway collection

The Under Armour breakaway collection for women offers studio fitness gear of the highest possible quality for women at low prices. If you are a woman looking for yoga clothing or studio fitness apparel, you have come to the right place. Shirts & tops, bottoms, outerwear, underwear, sports bras, shoes and other accessories are offered in the UA Breakaway collection of apparel. You can also avail of discounts up to 45% on Studio fitness shirts and tops only in the UA Breakaway collection. The above deal has been verified by this website. Find many more deals, Under Armour coupons and offers only on this website.

More Deals, Discounts and Technologies

Get up to 45% off on select duffle bags and backpacks!

A huge collection of duffle bags and backpacks are also sold by the Under Armour brand. Durable, spacious and effective, select duffle bags can also be availed of with up to a 45% discount. To do this, you have to select the Bags & Duffles category in either the men’s or the women’s section depending on your gender. Then, you have to scroll down until you see discounted products. The discounted price is displayed. Note that the discount percentage is not displayed. Check out high quality duffle bags and backpacks at discounted prices only on Under Armour. Get access to a lot more offers, promo codes, Under Armour coupons and deals only on this website. If are looking to save more on your budget then check the offers on Beauty CouponsClothing & Accessories and Shopping Coupons.

Look for CoolSwitch, Microthread and Storm technology apparel

The CoolSwitch technology from Under Armour is an extensively researched design process, which allows creating clothes that cool the body and skin so that people can perform physically challenging tasks for longer durations at a stretch. Microthread is another technology from Under Armour, which creates a cool moisture-wicking microclimate that allows the cloth to stretch without absorbing sweat. This makes sure that clothes no longer stick to your body when sweating.  The storm technology uses an intricately designed system of water and wind protection that allows for dryness in wet weathers. Use these tips to make your wardrobe shopping at Under Armour highly effective.

Scroll to the bottom for products with discounts

The Under Armour website is designed in such a way that you can access discounts by scrolling to the bottom of the current page. Use this fact to your advantage to find the lowest prices on things you want. More shopping tips, deals, promos and coupon codes are available only on this website.

Get 10% Military and First Responder discount!

Under Armour shows its respect to the military by providing a 10% discount off purchases for active duty, retirees, Military spouses and family and veterans. It also offers a 10% First Responder discount for active police officers, firemen and EMT customers. In order to receive this discount, you have to verify your eligibility with the website ID.me. Then, you simply have to choose the Military & First Responder discount during checkout. Happy Shopping! We have successfully verified the above offer for you. Check out more offers, Under Armour coupons and discounts only on this website.

Frequently Answered Questions

  1. Does Under Armour take orders internationally?
    Yes, Under Armour does take international orders. You can order from over 150 countries all over the world. You can also find offline stores selling Under Armour products at over 27 countries. Note that international orders are shipped through the BorderFree shipping facility and do not have a free shipping option.
  2. How do I return an order from Under Armour?
    You can return an order from Under Armour up to 60 days after the purchase. You will however need the original receipt or shipping summary to return your order. Under Armour has a return form attached to the shipment summary. You have to fill it and then print the free return label, which is on their website. You simply have to place it on the shipment and send it back.
  3. Does Under Armour offer military discounts?
    Yes, Under Armour does offer a 10% military & first responder discount to active duty military employees, retirees, spouses and family of military employees, veterans, policemen, firemen and EMT employees.
  4. What are the payment methods accepted by the Under Armour website?
    The Under Armour website accepts the following payment methods:
    MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards.
    Under Armour eGift cards.
  5. How fast can I have my order shipped to my address?
    Under Armour uses FedEx and US Postal Service for shipping. You can pay $4.99 for standard shipping and get your order in 3-5 business days. The other two options are paying $14.99 to get your order in 2 days and $24.99 to get your order in a single day. However, the standard shipping is free for orders of value greater than $4.99.
  6. How do I know what size fits me?
    To know the best apparel size for your body, you simply can take a look at the Under Armour size chart, which comprehensively gives you all the details you need to make the right size.
  7. How can I use an Under Armour gift cards?
    You can purchase conventional physical gift cards at Under Armour retail stores anywhere. You can purchase eGift cards at the Under Armour website. You can then use these gift cards anytime you want and on any UA products.
  8. How long do I have to cancel an order I made on the UA website?
    Since orders placed on the website are processed as quickly as possible, it is integral that you cancel an order as fast as possible. The UA team guarantees cancellation and order changes. However, if it works out in such a way that cancellation is not possible, you can check the simple return and exchange possible.