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Viral Launch Review – The Top Amazon Research Tool

Viral Launch is on-the-go software which helps online business to scale up with the Amazon Seller tool. The software tracks over millions of product on Amazon and make sure that you get the top selling product.

Is it necessary to have Software?

The online market has become one the best way for the marketer to boost their business. But, when we look at the competition, it is just huge. Now if you want to sell Amazon products, you need to know which of the product is top-selling that can get you the sale.

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But how are you going to know which product is top-selling?

One of the traditional of tracking the top-selling product is by searching and targeting your niche. Well, this method can take a lot of time and also you won’t be sure whether you are aiming for the right product or not.

Do you realize that when you are in a competitive market, you can spend your time on research and planning?

To this, as a marketer, let me tell you about one of the best tools I’ve come across, and it’s 100% legit. Yes, I’m talking about Viral Launch. It is one of the software which helps with best Amazon product research.

How Viral Launch helps Online Marketer?

Firstly, Viral Launch makes sure that you sell the top product available on Amazon. The software itself tracks the best product on Amazon, and you need to promote it. How simple is that? No planning, No strategy, No research, Still you can sell top Amazon product and get sales. If you want to get accurate sales estimates, trends, insight and more make sure you look for Viral Launch.

Other ways viral launch has been proved to be effective

Amazon Competitor Tracking

You can know about your competitors on what they are selling and what strategy they are using to be on the top of the list. You will be able to learn from their company strength and make money out of their weakness.

Amazon Keyword Research

Again, whatever niche you are targeting you can get just in the tool, and you will get the top-selling product under that niche. How amazing is that? Just type the keyword and the next thing you will get the top-selling product for that keyword.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Viral Launch uses three different optimization tools which are listing analyzer, keyword manager, and listing builder to keep track of the most critical metrics. The listing ensures to get an automated keyword discovery. It will also analyze your competition and evaluate the content to make sure you get to know about the best Amazon product in no time.

Amazon Conversion-Rate Optimization

To get the conversion for your product, you need a professional product, photography and unique content. With the viral launch, you will get to increase your sale by increasing your product visibility. The viral launch also helps to drive conversion as it helps in utilizing in-depth product and market research.

viral launch review

Amazon Conversion-Rate Optimization Pricing

Brand Optimization Package – If you are looking for brand optimization package, you will be charged $997, and you get quality services and feature to make your brand known worldwide.

Market Optimization Package – Now optimize your content and market your product on the top with market optimization. You will be charged $597 for the package.

Content Optimization Package – If you want to drive traffic with unique content you can always go with Content Optimization Package.  You will be charged only $497 for the services.

Amazon Product Launches & SEO

If you want to launch your product and also want to drive traffic for the product, You can go with Amazon Product Launches & SEO. The tool will help you in knowing Amazon’s algorithm, and this will help to increase your keyword rank.

Amazon Product Launches & SEO Pricing

There are three different pricing plans with Amazon Product Launches & SEO which includes Master Package that will charge you $2500 per month. It will help you to get unlimited promotions for up to 12 products for 90 days. You will be charged $450 a month for Viral Subscription.  With the package, you will be able to promote your one product for ‘n’ number of time for 90 days.

With the Uber Launch Package, you will get charged $400 which will be a one-time charge. The package will help you to launch only one product and will promote unlimited for 15 days.

Amazon Advertising & PPC

Now you can drive excellent PPC results with ad rank tracking, a product-targeting suggestion with Amazon Advertising & PPC. It will ensure to set a goal with market research and help you to create and execute the best marketing strategy. You will also get custom report and updates regularly for the marketing tactics.

Amazon Keyword Tracking

If you want to track Amazon Keyword and get the best results, you can go with Viral Launch Amazon Keyword Tracking. It enhances your keyword strategy by monitoring your performance and helping you with the best opportunities to improve.

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Viral launch Pricing and Plans

There are four different plans which come with Viral Launch. Let us have a look at it.

Beginner’s Research Kit

With the Beginner’s Research Kit you will be able to get the best research and strategy to know about Amazon Products. If you are looking for monthly plans, you will be charged $59 per month. For the yearly plan, you will be billed $49 per month.

Pro Seller

Viral Launch pro seller package helps the marketer to get in-depth information and also they can look for their competitive products and how they are ranking on the top. The Pro Seller package will be $99 for every month. If you are looking for a yearly plan, it will be charged around $82.50 per month.

Brand Builder

Now build your brand with Viral Launch Brand Builder. The tool will help your business by promoting them on a large scale. It will help you to be known among the top marketers and sellers. For the monthly package, you will be charged around $149. If you are looking charges yearly, then it will be $124.17 per month.

Data Hunter

Data Hunter is one of my favorites as it provides all the data in one place. Whether it is traffic, SEO, or top product searches. Just a click and you get it all. The price is very much affordable as you will be able to see the sale you are making on your website with the tool. The monthly charge for the tool will be $399 whereas the annual pack is much less and will be charged $332.50 a month.

Final Thought

When we Look at the competition in the market, it is a compulsion to have a tool that will help you with the top searches. Getting all the information in one place and that too in no time will not only save time but money as well. You need to implement the on-the-go strategy. Once you do it, you will be able to see the difference, and also you will get a medium to boost traffic for your website.