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Wicked Brick Review – The Display & Vario Stands For LEGO Products

Read the latest wicked brick review. wicked brick provides a lego set, and display stands for the individuals. This company sells ten sets for every second. They only manufacture high-quality products. 

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This business is stared in mid-2016. Wicked brick is a UK based limited company.  Founders of a wicked brick company are Lee & Kev. They worked together for the past four years. Follow our Wicked Brick Review for complete details.

Why Considering Wicked Brick Review?

The wicked brick mission is to apply lego own fundamentals to create the ultimate display solutions. They aim to provide fantastic sets in multiple ways that display every LEGO set. They use different methods to create designs & vehicle stands.

Display Stand & Minifigure Plinth for UCS Millennium Falcon

This display & Minifigure plinth for UCS millennium falcon is capable of solving two problems at once. It comes with 5mm stand base with Crystal clear or black high gloss acrylic. These supports can ensure secure connections. They can also distribute equal weight across your vehicle. Display stands can be tilted at an angle of 70 degrees. It comes with a detachable magnetized clear of 3mm of ruched icon ship. These all minifigure display stand allows showcasing the figures and UCS plate.

Wicked Brick Review

It can be a part of LEGO set 75192 or 10179. When you place falcon on the stand, the external measurement of the display will be in specific dimensions like 36cm deep, 58cm high and 83cm wide. It is also compactable with LEGO star wars of UCS Millennium Falcon 10179. This is a material which is made up of Acrylic. Display stand & Minifigure plinth for UCS millennium falcon is priced at USD 71.81.

Vario Stands

Vario stands gives an ideal solution for all your lego sets which can be custom created. These large display stands can measure up to 11 cm wide & 16 cm high. A user has to choose a color for their wicked brick. It features the traditional trademark of octagonal design. Crystal display contains a subtle design that ensures lego set in main attraction. Generally, this top plate has specified measurements like 4×4 which is equally divided into 4 LEGO studs. This vario stand is made up of stock parts that were used for wicked brick display stands. Vario display stand comes with 11cm width, 11cm depth, and 16cm height. It is made up of acrylic material. Vario display stand is priced at USD 9.30.

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Solo Stands

Solo stands are divided into nine different types such as Red solo display stands for Lego Minifigures, Purple solo display, Yellow solo display, Orange solo display, blue solo display, Green solo display, white solo display, Clear solo display, and Black solo display. You can treat minifigures to display stands. Some of the features of solo minifigure like they have 5 solo minifigure that stands for a pack, High gloss acrylic base compatible with Lego Minifigures, sleek octagon design with a vector border, and Embedded lego studs for a perfect connection. This material is made of perspex with the dimensions of 26mm x 26mm x 3mm.


Wicked brick can create fundamental, ultimate solutions for their products. This company display products by theme such as Star wars, Brickheadz, Ideas, Creator, Minifigures, Marvel superheroes, and technic. It is entering into the new era of designs, Lego sets, and minifigures. Free shipping is eligible for all orders above USD 50.