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WP Robot Review | Best Plugin For Content Generation

WP Robot or WordPress Robot is an auto bot plugin which searches from various famous sites like amazon, eBay, YouTube, Yahoo Answers, iTunes, etc. and prepares a content and posts it to your WordPress blog. It does your job even while you’re away, at an interval you want it to, while you’re concentrating on something else.  WP Robot plugin is cheap for the task it performs and the revenue it help’s the blogger gain. Still for higher discounts you can avail deals by applying coupon codes and by keeping an eye out for promo offers, which they set out often. Their price deals are well structured for all kinds of users, developers with clients with whom he has to extend WP Robots services under sub-licenses, solo bloggers with multiple blogs, and individuals. It is a single time pay and lifelong use plugin, where you get updates just by paying the difference price, depending on the kind of deal you availed. Enjoy big savings with WP Robot Coupons 2018 today!


  • What is WP Robot?
  • How does WP Robot work?
  • What else can WP Robot do?
  • Promote your sites

What is WP Robot?

WP Robot is your automated content generation plugin

WP Robot is a blogger’s tool for content preparation and posting at the desired rate, you can choose, in your WordPress blogs. Its features are eye turning, and most probably unique, it can not only create and post contents in your blog, it can prepare drafts for you to manually edit the content to something which it might have missed, or maybe you specifically want your users to especially lay their eyes on, hence a complete solution, for content preparation and curation. It is so coded to deal with multiple WordPress blogs, by rewriting the complete content or translating the existing to another language and posting it on the other blog pages that you may run. You have to pay for it only once, and get free updates for a year, or can avail unlimited updates if you buy the highly discounted developer version. After a year of free updates, you can switch to regular updates and pay the difference price. Further with coupons codes and promo offers you can avail more discounts. Also check other popular themes such as Gravity Forms CouponsElegant Themes CouponsDIYthemes Coupons and CSSIgniter Coupons. Don’t miss this great opportunity to save more money with WP Robot Coupons.

How does WP Robot work?

It sniffs content from twenty content sources

WP Robot gets its content from the kind of auto blogging modules you choose, there are more than twenty of them to prepare a mixed and randomized text which can be used with any WordPress theme out there. It would automatically post at the interval you want it to, and make it search optimized for more traffic. Also, if you are an owner multiple blogs, it can rewrite and translate the article up to twenty languages post it multiple times to maximize the revenue. You can rely on it, eyes closed to post proper articles which would not look like copied from any of the sources, since it would mix them and randomize the content, but you can also make it draft the content for your manual curation. It finds featured images required for the specific theme you have and attach that to your content. It itself check if the content prepared looks duplicated, hence there’re no chances of plagiarism. Also with the use of CMS commander, you can centrally manage all your blogs and control the plugin for mass blogging, helping you to save a lot of time. Save money and shop happily Wp Robot Coupons.

What else can WP Robot do?

WP Robot can rewrite and translate your content for you.

WP Robot can rewrite you the content it itself or as you have edited to, with the help of six awesome rewriters namely, TheBestSpinner, SpinnerChef, WordAi, SpinRewriter, ChimpRewriter, ContentProfessor. It also works with every WordPress theme out there, hence hassle free. Not only can it rewrite and re-blog, it can also translate the whole content into twenty other languages with the help of their translate module. It just has too many features to be noted down individually about, above all, these features are available for cheap prices, starting from $89, and promo offers and coupon codes makes it more affordable for solo bloggers to buy employ and earn revenues by. Check Training & Tutorial Reviews more updates about SEO and websites.

Promote your sites

SEO Optimized content for increasing page traffic

WP Robot is coded is such a way to make your content optimized for better search engine ranking, hence, your page is bound to reach top rows, when users search for something relevant to the information you published in the blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any way to get the plugin at a reduced price
    WP Robot has already reduced the prices for different sects of users, still, you can look out of promo offers and coupons. To enjoy discounted prices.
  2. What if I don’t like WP Robot after buying it?
    WP Robot has a demo site available for you to test its capabilities before buying. There you’ll be able to test all its features as is available in the full version of WP Robot. The product is above any point of disliking, but if still, it doesn’t suit your needs after buying, you will get a complete refund within 14 days of usage, no questions asked.