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Ziva Meditation Review – The Powerful Manifesting & Mindfulness Techniques

The founder of Ziva meditation is Emily Fletcher. She is one of the best selling authors. By accomplishing more, You can be a leading expert in meditation. It has been featured in The new york times, Vogue and ABC news about Emily’s work. She is being named in top 100 women in wellness to watch for. For complete information follow our Ziva Meditation Review.

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This company has taught more than 20,000 students across the globe. In 2008. She has introduced a powerful tool which cures insomnia. It’s an entertaining, easy to adapt and attract many people performers across the globe. You can also get many physical benefits by following Ziva techniques.

Why are people Not Meditating?

There are some of the common meditation myths which are enlisted below:

  • You can’t clear your mind.
  • Don’t want to sit in the lotus position.
  • You don’t want to have an hour at a time.
  • You might think meditation is Buddhist, Hindu or Religious.
  • You think it’s weird.
  • You can’t sit still.
  • You get too anxious to meditate.
  • You had tried before and hated it.
  • It’s also hard to commit to daily practice.
  • You don’t have a lack of time.

Why Ziva Meditation?

Ziva meditation is one of the most powerful tools that can unlock your full potentials which can up-level your life from career and Relationships. This zivaOnline is for high performers. It can improve the world around them. Ziva technique follows two technique such as meditation, Mindfulness, and Manifesting.  It is not for relaxing or feeling calm during every session. They are capable of removing stress from your brain and body. BY following Ziva technique, You can easily overcome some of the challenges and demands in your daily life.

  • Better Leadership.
  • Creative Problem -solving.
  • Negotiation Skills.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills.
  • Look and feel Younger.
  • Live longer.
  • Quality of relationships.

What’s included in the ZivaOnline?

Zivaonline course is a 15 days course. Any user can get access to everything which is included for up to 6 months. While doing this course, You can practice 3M’s like Mindful, Meditation, and Manifesting. After getting the idea of how to use these powerful tools of your own. There will be no finger cymbals or drop-ins. A student of zivaOnline can get private access to an online community for six months. Their team always supports you in the journey of real-time. This company also share videos, Tips, and live-streams to get the best out of you.

Ziva Meditation Review

Advantages of Zivaonline

  • You’re the biggest question will be answered by Emily in pre-recorded Q&A sessions.
  • They offer four free downloadable guided meditations for Travel, Sleep, Stress, and Performance.
  • Listen to favorite TED talks, Additional audio downloads, and Bonus Content.      
  • They provide top-notch customer service by experienced meditators.
  • This company provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

Mindfulness The Appetizer

Mindfulness can easily handle the effective stress in the present moment. It is directed to focus upon the mental technique. A user can learn about the tools which act as runways from 100 MPH.

Highlights of The Mindfulness Appetizer

  • Best practices for posture.
  • Ziva technique can benefit your brain and body.
  • You have to pick a quiet location to practice.
  • Ability to recognize the mental and physical detox of the unstressing process.
  • Difference between mindfulness and Meditation.
  • Meditation Give you 5X deeper than sleep.
  • Why your senses are heightened during meditation.
  • Roles of the right brain and Left brain.

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Meditation The Main Course

In this section, You can learn about the healing meditation technique. This main course is done between 4-12 days. It can remove stress from the body at the cellular level. You can get some of the benefits which increases your productivity, strengthened immune function and Energy.

Highlights of Meditation Main course

  • A protocol is used for selecting the mantra for curated Ziva list.
  • The individual should know how to use this mantra.
  • You have to understand the importance of physical & Emotional unstressing.
  • There are some guided meditations for increasing the lengths to lead self-sufficiency.
  • How to have personal integrity & Commit to your daily sessions.
  • There is a concept for Creation, Maintenance and destruction.

Manifesting The Dessert

Demonstrating the dessert consciously create a powerful manifesting technique that includes in the meditation practices to get clear your goals.

Highlights of Manifesting Dessert

  • Be clear about what you needed.
  • How to picture your dreams if they are happening.
  • Meditation & Manifesting are more powerful.
  • You have to learn about how to celebrate your success by gauge the progress.
  • You are stronger than your resistance.


Zivaonline is a 15-days online training course which is pre-loaded with the daily videos. This company will follow 3M’s Ziva technique. 3M’s means Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting. The user will get notified by sending an email each day. Every video builds upon teachings. After the completion of the 15 days. The user will get all the tools which are required for practicing Ziva technique on their own. You have to pay $399 for Zivaonline course. They also provide 30-days money back guarantee by providing top notch customer service.